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A Belch on Sport

A Belch on sport

A sports show with a difference. 

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Gwendoline new

Access Soulfood

A different kind of nourishment - Gwendoline explores ways to nurture ourselves, mind, body and soul.

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Health & Wellbeing


After March 15th

Exploring ways forward after the mosque tragedies in Christchurch.

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alcoholics anonymous access radio taranaki show

Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show

By Plains FM. A show to increase public awareness of Alcoholics Anonymous as an effective means of recovery from the disease of alcoholism.

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Health & Disability

Jazmine Murray

All That Jazz

Young Jazmine Murray loves books and music - what a great combination for a radio show.

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annettes heart of the country access radio taranaki show

Annette’s Heart Of The Country

By Plains FM. Country music from the Heartland. Music and news from the Canterbury country music scene.

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arty farty hour access radio taranaki show

Arty Farty Hour

By Otago Access Radio (OAR 105.4FM). Dunedin artists Ron Esplin and Andy Cook present tips and info for budding artists.

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Arts & Literature


Barangay New Zealand

Barangay New Zealand is your Filipino home, away from home. We are your connection to the homeland.

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Ethnic Diversity

audio books

Book Hour

Unabridged recordings of audio books made available through Bolinda

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Arts & Literature

bookenz ruth and morrin access radio taranaki show


By Plains FM. Full of book talk, reviews, interviews with writers and poets and news of events.

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Arts & Literature

car crazy brendan access radio taranaki show

Car Crazy

Can you tell the difference between the engine noise of a Ferrari and a Subaru? Do you know what it’s like to have over 320 Hotwheels and Matchbox cars in your collection? Brendan does!

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Special Interest

Childrens audio books

Children's Audio Books

Unabridged recordings of audio books for children, made available through Bolinda

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city on a hill bruce access radio taranaki show

City On A Hill

Not your stereo-typical Christian music show. Mostly Christian alternative music, e.g. hip hop, ska, punk, metal getting airtime that it rarely gets anywhere else.

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Ecoliving access radio taranaki show

Eco Living In Action

By Otago Access Radio Dunedin. Maureen Howard hosts a sustainable living show.

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girl friday access radio taranaki show

Girl Friday

Girl Friday with Alessandra and friends. The kinds of conversations that can occur when women get together over beverages.

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