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Title: A Different Collection

Written by: Paul Jennings


Diff Collection

Bestselling author

A collection of different adventures and lands by bestselling and award-winning author Paul Jennings.

A Different Dog The forest is dense and dark. And the trail full of unexpected perils. The dog can’t move. The boy can’t talk. And you won’t know why. Or where you are going. You will put this story down not wanting the journey to end.

A Different Boy If you've got a bad deal,' his father used to say, 'get out of it and move on.' When he finds himself in a cruel orphanage Anton does just that, and hides on an ocean liner. Fear and desperation are his only companions. And this time there is no escape. Or is there? Two other passengers have secrets of their own. When nothing is what it seems, can they help each other? Or will they sink into a sea of troubles?

A Different Land A tiny pub with a dirt floor and corrugated iron walls. A caravan containing the remnants of a dead pig. Snakes, bugs and torrential rain. Not what Christopher's family expected when they crossed the sea to find a new life. Add a landlord who's not what he seems, and Christopher finds himself facing challenges he could never have imagined. Will he ever be able to make a home for himself in this strange and different land?

[On A Different Boy] 'This perfect jewel of a novella explores loss, isolation and the difficult migrant experience with spare, eloquent prose.'
Alison Brumwell, Chair of Juges

'Australian narrator Stig Wemyss portrays a wide range of characters in this collection of three short, suspenseful stories about children surviving unexpected perils ... Wemyss brings enthusiasm to each story, and his Aussie accent adds authenticity to the idioms that may be unfamiliar to American listeners but are easily deciphered in context.'

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