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About Us

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Chris Foreman, Kris Johnson, Alessandra Keighley (station manager), Michelle Bent, Nicole Rex (NZ on Air), Anne Dawson, Dr Brian Pauling (father of NZ's Access sector)

About Us

Access Radio Taranaki is here to support and grow the Taranaki community by offering a broadcast voice to groups and people who might not otherwise be heard.

We broadcast on 104.4FM, live-streaming online and on-demand as podcasts.

Part of a network of independent radio stations (CAMA), we're different from other public broadcasters because our programmes are made by, for and about people like you.


Access Radio shows are vital, engaging, representative and unique. They reflect Taranaki's many cultures and groups, and our most colourful people and interests.

Listen now or find out how you can get involved as a guest, programme maker or partner.



The first independent access radio station was Wellington Access which began in 1981.  Plains FM, Christchurch, was next, starting with intermittent broadcasts in 1986 and full time broadcasting in 1988. Auckland quickly followed and by 1991 there were access stations in Dunedin, Invercargill and Hamilton. Later, Palmerston North, Nelson, and Hawkes Bay joined the format and then Kapiti Coast.

The newest member of the 'family' began broadcasting in New Plymouth in 2010.  It was the brainchild and dream of Daniel and Alessandra Keighley who, together, built and ran the station for the first few years with the help of a team of dedicated and loyal volunteers and part time employees.

D and me

After Daniel’s sad and untimely passing in 2015, Alessandra took on the role of Station Manager and assembled the current Access Radio Taranaki team.

‘By’, ‘for’ and ‘about’ – are the three essential words in the world of community access broadcasting. ‘For’ and ‘about’ are objectives of all public broadcasters, but the word that sets access broadcasting apart is that little one: ‘by’.

 In Community Access Media, the people are at the centre of the process and there is no editor. Throughout New Zealand real people are making local radio that is vital, engaging, representative and unique, reflecting our many cultures and collectives as well as some of our most colourful individuals and interests.


Access Radio Taranaki Mission Statement

Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM will give a broadcast voice to women, youth, the children, the disabled, ethnic, religious, ethical, elders, men and other minorities and groups in the community by which to share within and beyond their group, their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, knowledge, culture and ideals.




Meet the team

Anne 2

It's easy to come to work each day.   I am lucky to work with a great bunch of dedicated people who are all very talented in their roles and who make everyone that walks through the door feel welcomed and safe. I love seeing our show makers as their confidence grows and they become accustomed to having their voices heard. I love being part of an organisation that is recognised as having integrity and a valued place in the community.



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Anne Dawson

Station Manager

Michelle v2

Working at Access Radio Taranaki gives me the chance to help all kinds of people have their voices heard.  I love that every day brings new challenges, and new opportunities to work with the community.  

When not helping people on their broadcasting journeys, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, gardening, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.  

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Michelle Bent

Community Liaison


Working at Access Radio Taranaki allows me to meet and work with people from all walks of life and learn new skills along the way.  I've learned that we have a cool community willing to share a story and have fun at the same time.  When not behind the mic I'm listening to the latest music, and I'm not afraid to share it with everyone.



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Kris Johnson

Production Assistant

Andre Manella v2

I make sure that all the voices from all around Taranaki are heard on Access Radio Taranaki. In my role as the producer and sound engineer of the show "Radio on Wheels" I get to meet lots of amazing people and record their beautiful stories. 

Besides that I also host "The Swiss Music Show" showcasing music of all styles and languages including interviews with the musicians from my other home.

Music keeps me busy for the rest of the week - I'm mostly known as Sonic Delusion but also a part of Banana Mundo, Ed Pool and Turkey The Bird.

 Your Voice Andre's Choice!

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Andre Manella

Producer/Audio Technician

Evie at work 2

Being a part of the team at Access Radio Taranaki gives me the opportunity to be myself and do what I love. I really enjoy doing the behind-the-scenes stuff like recording and mixing and I also love helping people. In my role it means I get to know people and understand about their passions as their shows progress. Every day brings me something new to work on so I can continue to grow and connect with the community around me.

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Evie Thorn

Programme Assistant

Board of Trustees

Cathy Thurston 3

Welcome to Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM - your community access radio station. We’re here to offer a broadcast voice to you – the people of Taranaki. It’s your voice, your choice.


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Cathy Thurston


Noel Cave headshot v2

This is a true, local community radio station, allowing interesting individuals, groups and community organisations to express themselves, provide entertainment and views at the coal-face in a very hands-on way.

Outside of Access, what I most love doing is my garden, which is very special.


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Noel Cave


John Middleton 1

I have been a trustee for Access Radio Taranaki Trust since the station began. I am supportive of the ethos of the station and I am very proud of what ART has achieved in its first 8 years.  I have been privileged during that time to meet and learn from many of the show makers and the wonderful staff who work very hard to ensure the success of the enterprise.

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John Middleton


Wayne Morris v2

Access Radio is one of the few media outlets that enables a community to have its say and that is why said yes to the invitation to join its board. Communities need to have their say. I have been involved in numerous community initiatives in New Plymouth over my time living here and am a long time advocate of all things creative. Access Radio is one place that pulls all those threads together - words, music, story, art [our new emerging artists space] and so on. The staff are passionate and skilled with an attitude of ‘watch this space’ because you know something exciting is going to happen. Why wouldn’t one want to be involved?


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Wayne Morris



Ko Taranaki te maunga,

Ko Aotea me Tokomaru nga waka,

Ko Ngāruahine Rangi, Te Ātiawa me Ngāti Ruanui nga iwi

Ko Maraea Katene-Rawiri tōku ingoa, nō Taranaki au!

My interest is working with rangatahi which is what interested me the most about ART! It is truly a radio station by the people, for the people... for anyone and everyone! I am privileged and honoured to be a part of the Access Whānau. Ngā mihi nui

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Maraea Katene-Rawiri