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Colours of the Heart

Life coach Rex Lovegrove looks at life's challenges from a place of presence and compassion, through conversations with real people.

Airing time: Sundays, 7pm

Life coach Rex Lovegrove hosts this 1/2hr show that looks at life's challenges from a place of presence and compassion, through conversations with real people.


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Love of a Mother

Jennifer talks about her love for art and her triumph over her right to raise and love her son.

Duration: 0:27:35 | Date: 16 June, 2024

The Art of the Heart

Teresa speaks lovingly about her love for art and her organic view on life.

Duration: 00:28:40 | Date: 9 June, 2024

Harpreet Returns

Harpreet talks about the art of comedy and how our imagination can be compassion for life.

Duration: 00:30:15 | Date: 2 June, 2024

Living a Life you Love

Harpreet talks about stepping into the world of innocence and the art of living

Duration: 00:27:21 | Date: 26 May, 2024

Psychology of the Heart

Joss speaks soulfully about the loving potency of the human spirit and heart.

Duration: 00:26:21 | Date: 19 May, 2024


Rex talks into the gift of intention and self-care.

Duration: 0:27:36 | Date: 12 May, 2024

Digital Currency

Axel speaks intellectually about the financial circumstances the world is facing. Axel talks about self-responsibilities in researching options regarding one's financial future.

Duration: 00:28:17 | Date: 5 May, 2024


Andrea returns with a guided process that profoundly stimulates intuition.

Duration: 00:27:32 | Date: 28 April, 2024


Andrea talks about the layers of intimacy in a changing world from a place of presence and insight.

Duration: 00:27:58 | Date: 21 April, 2024

Tables Have Turned

Claire interviews the man behind the mic, Rex, about his journey with Colours of the Heart, it’s a raw and open interview.

Duration: 00:29:54 | Date: 14 April, 2024

Aileen and Alex - Ongoing Commitment

Aileen and Alex celebrate their relationship and the glue that keeps them together.

Duration: 00:30:10 | Date: 7 April, 2024

Sovereignty with Samantha

Samantha talks about her role as a coordinator for small businesses throughout Canada and her journey to sovereignty.

Duration: 00:30:08 | Date: 31 March, 2024

Breakthrough Expert

Nigh speaks soulfully regarding challenging relationships and the potential magic that awaits all of us through the human experience.

Duration: 00:28:28 | Date: 24 March, 2024

Mapping Process

Anne speaks about non-invasive therapy using the super conscious respectfully and lovingly.

Duration: 00:29:35 | Date: 17 March, 2024

Somatic Dance

Natasha talks soulfully about her love for life and the emotional benefits of dance, and her ability to hold space for her community.

Duration: 00:26:36 | Date: 10 March, 2024

Beyond the Boundaries

Donna speaks about an upcoming event regarding top speakers in their area of expertise health healing and consciousness. A new perspective in a changing world.

Duration: 00:25:51 | Date: 3 March, 2024

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Andy talks about mental health and the signs to look for in the workplace; practical steps in self-care

Duration: 0:25:51 | Date: 25 February, 2024

John's Adventure

John talks about his adventures across South America on his pushbike and the birth of his faith.

Duration: 0:27:48 | Date: 18 February, 2024

Claire Returns

Claire speaks soulfully regarding the masculine and feminine aspects of her life in a way that highlights Claires' love for life and measures her creativity from the ashes.

Duration: 00:28:45 | Date: 11 February, 2024

Rising from the Ashes

*Trigger Warning* Claire talks about a life of hell, 3 suicide attempts and self hate. She is now in a place of liberation.

Duration: 00:30:01 | Date: 4 February, 2024

Natural Success Part 5

Kel Townsend talks about the magic of circles and the art of relationships.

Duration: 00:29:57 | Date: 28 January, 2024

Natural Success Part 4

Kel Townsend talks about gratitude versus appreciation.

Duration: 00:29:08 | Date: 21 January, 2024