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Colours of the Heart

Life coach Rex Lovegrove looks at life's challenges from a place of presence and compassion, through conversations with real people.

Airing time: Sundays, 7pm

Life coach Rex Lovegrove hosts this 1/2hr show that looks at life's challenges from a place of presence and compassion, through conversations with real people.

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Life Cultivation System

A life cultivation system from the perspective of the heart and qi.

Duration: 00:25:01 | Date: 17 October, 2021


Duration: 00:27:34 | Date: 10 October, 2021

Rex's Son

Rex talks to his son regarding the past, courage and a way forward.

Duration: 00:28:31 | Date: 3 October, 2021

Flying Solo

Rex talks about choices that obtain to the challenging times we are facing.

Duration: 00:29:23 | Date: 26 September, 2021

Ians Journey

Ian talks about his journey through 3 heart attacks, and personal responsibility regarding well-being.

Duration: 00:28:01 | Date: 12 September, 2021

Benefits Of Meditation

Donna and Glen talk about the benefits of meditation in many forms.

Duration: 00:30:33 | Date: 5 September, 2021

Darren Speaks from the Heart

Darren speaks from the heart. A talk on family and being true to oneself.

Duration: 00:31:17 | Date: 29 August, 2021

Peter Returns

A practical look at numerology.

Duration: 00:31:18 | Date: 22 August, 2021


Insights to intuition on a practical, soulful level.

Duration: 00:28:27 | Date: 15 August, 2021

Numerology With Peter

An in-depth talk about life's possibilities.

Duration: 01:00:03 | Date: 8 August, 2021

Karen the Naturopath

Rex calls in Karen the Naturopath for her thought on intuitive thoughts and the gift of menopause.

Duration: 00:25:57 | Date: 1 August, 2021

The Journey of Jack

Jack talks about his colourful times as a prison officer.

Duration: 00:28:20 | Date: 25 July, 2021

Inlightened Hormones

Karen talks about weight loss, magnesium, hormones, and menopause. Find out more information at

Duration: 00:29:32 | Date: 18 July, 2021

Coming Home to Ourselves

Rex and Kanya talk about aspects of the spiritual journey, particularly in the relationship to yoga and meditation.

Duration: 00:25:13 | Date: 11 July, 2021

Dasiy's Experience

Daisy talks about his personal experience.

Duration: 00:29:13 | Date: 4 July, 2021

Healing Our Wounded Hearts

Kanya takes us on a journey of heart exploration for healing and belonging.
In her upcoming course, Kanya will be leading us through practices that support us to open our hearts and heal the past.
Get in contact with Kanya at [email protected]

Duration: 00:27:30 | Date: 27 June, 2021

NZ Flower Essences and Natural Health

Katrina's journey of healing with vibrational holistic wellbeing, and New Zealand flower essence. Helping restore balance and harmony, and bring forward joy.

Duration: 00:30:17 | Date: 20 June, 2021

Connecting with the Heart

Searching for the true self through meditation, nature, and love. For more info follow Glenn Willard on Facebook.

Duration: 00:29:05 | Date: 13 June, 2021

Joyfully Magic

Rex talks with Aileen and Jessica from Creative Connections NZ about sensuality from a woman's perspective, and how to invite more connections into your life.

Duration: 00:30:58 | Date: 6 June, 2021

Tai Returns

Tai goes deep through the art and poetry, and emotional insight.

Duration: 00:29:05 | Date: 30 May, 2021

Healing and Expansion of the Masculine

Travis talks about neo-shamanism, healing, dissolving stereotypes, and expanding consciousness.

Duration: 00:29:57 | Date: 23 May, 2021