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the folk music hour davey calder access radio taranaki show

The Folk Music Hour

David Calder presents the music he loves in The Folk Music Hour, with the aim of rekindling listeners' interest in acoustic music in the Anglo-American tradition, including NZ folk song, and world folk music such as that heard at WOMAD in New Plymouth's beautiful Brookland's Park.

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the law lady angela solomons access radio taranaki show

The Law Lady

With a sense of humour and no-nonsense approach, Angela Solomons, from Taranaki Community Law, manages to de-mystify the legal issues.

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the undecided access radio taranaki show

The Undecided Radio Show

Finn and Moss play the music they love and discuss random topics, in the way teenagers do.

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town and country aotearoa access radio taranaki show

Town and Country Aotearoa

From Wellington Access Radio. C'mon, live vicariously! Revel in country-flavoured songs and performers, many of which have never seen the light of a Southern Cross night before. There's such a plethora of recordings flooding in from Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia, you're unlikely to ever hear any particular song twice.

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Willzs Reviews

Willz's Reviews

Movie reviews, fun facts and related trivia

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