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Conversations with a Mayor

Every few weeks Anne Dawson chats with the mayors of the region - Phil Nixon (STDC), Neil Holdom (NPDC), and Neil Volzke (SDC).

Airing time: Thursday at 9am

Every week Anne will meet with one of the four Mayors; Neil Holdem - New Plymouth Mayor, Neil Volzke - Stratford Mayor, Charlotte Littlewood - Taranaki Regional Council Chair, and Phil Nixon - Hāwera Mayor. Tune in to find out the interesting things happening around the maunga.


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Taranaki Regional Council Charlotte Littlewood

The Taranaki Regional Council is the fourth of our region's councils. Anne talks with TRC Chair, Charlotte Littlewood, about how all four council fit and work together, and about the responsibilities and projects of the TRC in this 'once-over-lightly', 'getting-to-know-you' episode.

Duration: 00:22:29 | Date: 26 January, 2023

Summer Holidays with Mayor Phil

Tune in to find out the interesting things happening around the maunga.

Duration: 00:11:00 | Date: 12 January, 2023

Summer in South Taranaki

It must be summer - the free community pools are now open. Mayor Phil, STDC, talks about water and water safety. He also talks about a new family road-trip game we can all play this summer. Called Trip-To, it encourages Taranakians to get out and explore S.H. 45 (Google search Trip-To Taranaki).

Duration: 00:18:16 | Date: 15 December, 2022

Meet Neil Volzke, Mayor of Stratford

Our first conversation with Neil Volzke, Stratford Mayor - the 2nd longest serving mayor in NZ. He talks about plans to create safer and healthier travel options throughout the rohe, and what's good to do in Stratford over summer.

Duration: 00:20:03 | Date: 8 December, 2022

Neil Holdom Drops In

NPDC Mayor, Neil Holdom, is back for the first time in a few months. He talks about settling in the new council post-election, roading and infrastructure, and summer highlights

Duration: 00:28:15 | Date: 8 December, 2022

Phil Nixon

STDC Mayor, Phil Nixon talks about the pending bi-elections, off-shore wind farms and Arts in the Park.

Duration: 00:18:24 | Date: 17 November, 2022

Projects and Priorities

Anne catches up with Mayor Phil after his reelection as South Taranaki Mayor. They discuss projects and priorities, changes to the RMA and the state of South Taranaki rivers

Duration: 00:21:39 | Date: 20 October, 2022

Koromatua o Taranaki ki te Tonga

Anne chats with STDC mayor, Phil Nixon

Duration: 00:19:15 | Date: 22 September, 2022