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Title: It Should Have Been Me

Written by: Susan Wilkins

Should Have Been Me 

A miscarriage of justice could have deadly consequences in this taught and pacey psychological thriller.

She thought she knew everything about her sister. It seems she was wrong ... DC Jo Boden was 11-years-old when her older sister, Sarah, was brutally murdered during her first year at university. Her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, was convicted of the killing. Now, 15 years later, Wade is being released on licence and documentary filmmaker, Briony Rowe, says she can prove his innocence. The Boden family has never recovered from the tragedy, and they have always been certain that Wade is guilty. But Jo, who grew up believing her sister was perfect in every way, starts to question the evidence which put Wade behind bars. And perhaps Sarah harboured some very dark secrets of her own ...

'Wilkins’ use of pacey prose and short chapters enables the action-packed plot to fizz along and gather momentum as it hurtles towards its final denouement.'
The Lady

'... blazingly brilliant.'
The Sunday Mirror

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