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Title: Blind Justice

Written by: Robin Bowles

Blind Justice

Bestselling author
Australian author

In 1996 Robin Bowles read a newspaper report about the alleged suicide of Victorian country housewife Jennifer Tanner. Blind Justice is her search for the truth.

On 10 November 1984 Laurie Tanner comes home to his farmhouse in country Victoria and finds Jenny, his wife, dead, her hand wrapped around the barrel of a bolt-action rifle. Her death was viewed as suicide. Deeply puzzled by the mass of anomalies in the case, Robin Bowles, a Melbourne company director, goes looking for answers. How, for instance, could Jenny have shot herself twice in the brain – after shooting both her hands first? What unfolds is a true-life detective story, a bizarre tangle of police bungles, cover-ups and family intrigue.

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