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Retrospect '60s Garage Punk Show

'60s garage punk, garage rock, proto-punk, freak beat and psychedelia from the entire planet.

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roots rhymes reggae access radio taranaki show

Roots, Rhymes And Reggae

Nelson plays the music he loves mixed up with original poetry.

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saturns orbit access radio taranaki show

Saturn’s Orbit

Allow yourself to be whisked away into Saturn’s Orbit.

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passionate vietnam access radio taranaki show

Say Mê Việt Nam - Passionate Vietnam

By Otago Access Radio (OAR 105.4FM). Say Mê Việt Nam – celebrating the culture and uniqueness of Vietnam through music, stories and language.

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Ethnic Diversity

Mixing desk

Singer Songwriters

Showcasing the talents of local musicians from Taranaki Singer Songwriters.

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sol bear access radio taranaki show

Sol Bear's Show With No Name

Sol Bear offers up a smorgasbord of luscious tunes, from blues to jazz, old school rock, to whatever his listeners are in the mood for.

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Access Radio Alternate low res web RGB 3

Special Broadcasts

A selection of one-off programmes or significant interviews

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Spirit Taranaki

30 minutes about anything and everything relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul.

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Health & Wellbeing

Sugar Loafing

Sugar Loafing Arts Cast

A new community arts radio show aims to take on the belief that the arts are exclusive.

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Arts & Literature

suzy cato and friends access radio taranaki show

Suzy And Friends

Young or old, everyone loves Suzy Cato

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sweet talk with alessandra access radio taranaki show

Sweet Talk

Alessandra takes the funky personalities and stories from local community and shares them with you over a cuppa. Nearly always fun and hardly ever too serious.

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talking better business access radio taranaki show

Talking Better Business

Craig Oliver from The Project Guys, interviews successful SME Business Owners

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Special Interest

taranaki food heroes access radio taranaki show

Taranaki Food Heroes - Local Food, Local Good

This show is about celebrating local food and providing education on the importance of local food in the region.

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Te Hau Maiangi

Te Hau Maiangi - Voices of Experience

The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought leadership and innovation for Taranaki.

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the chris whitmore show access radio taranaki show

The Chris Whitmore Show

Chris Whitmore loves going to live shows, and here he shares his passion for music with us. With favourites like Daniel O’Donnell and Mary Duff, Chris’ vibrant personality and choice of music are sure to warm your heart.

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