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Listen to past episodes and shows on-demand

Listen to past episodes and shows on-demand.


Dive into our reservoir of past content: historical shows, interviews with lots of Taranaki's finest, past episodes of shows that are still being made - or maybe just to find that show where you were the guest.  


Thank you to Baker Tilly Staples Rodway for their support in providing access to these Archives.




Intergalactic Human 3.0 - August 2016

Jamie Allen

Time Out With Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen is here with you and here for you as he takes time out to reflect on matters spiritual.

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Archive Health & Wellbeing

ToucanTime v2

Toucan Time

Together with their caregivers, the Toucan crew have put together their own radio show, playing their musical choices and requests of friends and family.

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Archive Community

trvibe live zoe aka ozmo access radio taranaki show

Trvibe Live

Trvibe Live is hosted by our local party animal OMZO. OMZO creates dance music, deep acoustic music with a mix of conscious rap, and spacey loopy loops, with a tribal core.

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Archive Music

Mixing desk v2


Hosts Lillie and Leon are Year 8 students. In this show they'll be talking about anything and everything.

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Archive Youth

Voices of Experience

Voices of Experience

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Archive Interests & Hobbies

Wahine Surf

Wahine Surf Show

Surfing is about healthy living

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Archive Interests & Hobbies

Ethnic Food

World on A Plate

Acquainting listeners with ethnic cuisines from around the world, promoting acceptance of cultural difference and raising social issues on immigration.

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Archive Ethnic Diversity

Yeah The Girls

Yeah! The Girls

Like a big sister, or a modern-day Agony Aunt.  With music aimed at young people, and lots of laughs!

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Archive Youth