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No Duff - Real Stories

First hand accounts by veterans of the unique experiences of military life and the long lasting trauma they have been left with - raw and unsanitised.
Listener discretion is advised.

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"You don’t always need to be in a crisis to need support."

Military service often leads to unique experiences, and will also form a large part of a Veteran’s identity for the rest of their life. Those unique experiences and that military identity can also lead to unique issues civilians often do not understand.

In this series, we hear first hand accounts by military veterans of those harrowing experiences and their  long lasting effects. 

 Listener discretion is advised.

Episodes may contain graphic descriptions of violence and trauma, as well as explicit language.


No Duff provides immediate welfare support to members of the NZDF past and present, particularly veterans, in order to ensure that the mental, physical, and social health of all members is maintained at the highest possible level.



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WW2 and Vietnam

Duration: 00:13:24 | Date: 1 May, 2019


Duration: 00:29:38 | Date: 25 April, 2019

Dr Paul Nialis - Tim

Duration: 00:22:17 | Date: 24 April, 2019

Sweet Talk - No Duff

Michelle talks with Nathan and Jase, about No Duff, an organisation run by veterans for veterans, and their upcoming ANZAC Day event.

Duration: 00:52:53 | Date: 23 April, 2019