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Mental Health Matters 2013-15

A show to help promote mental health, demystify mental illness, and raise awareness of the stigma and discrimination that still effects people who have experience of mental illness.

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Mental Health Matters is community radio show sponsored by Like Minds Taranaki, to help promote mental health, demystify mental illness, and raise awareness of the stigma and discrimination that still effects people who have experience of mental illness.

"We hope by talking about the challenges that people with an experience with mental illness face, as well as some resources that are available, we can improve the mental health of the community."

While Like Minds Taranaki is no longer around as an organisation, the issues talked about in this show are still very relevant today.


These episodes are from the years 2013 - 2015


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Mental Health Matters Trust

Wayne Morris talks about the Mental Health Matters Trust.

Duration: 00:29:14 | Date: 9 July, 2015

New Waves

Lisa Bushel and Jonathan O'Neil talk about New Waves.

Duration: 00:27:46 | Date: 8 May, 2014

Psychology/Psychiatry, What's the Difference?

Phycologist Lyn Holdem helps explain the difference between psychology, psychiatry, therapists and councillors.

Duration: 00:30:00 | Date: 4 April, 2013


Chair of Waves talks about the focus on youth (10-24years), and finding ways to integrate youth into society.

Duration: 00:25:43 | Date: 7 March, 2013

Schizophrenia Awareness

Shirley Vickery from Supporting Families, and Dr Robert Millar, researcher into schizophrenia, talk about one of the least understood mental illnesses.

Duration: 00:37:59 | Date: 19 February, 2015

WITT Nursing Course

Interview with WITT nursing tutors, Tara and Helen, and phycology graduate Ashnita.

Duration: 00:23:43 | Date: 4 December, 2014

Students on Placement

Students from WITT studying for Certificate of Mental Health and Addictions , and Bachelor of Applied Social Science, talk about their placement experiences.

Duration: 00:25:28 | Date: 30 October, 2014

Understanding Dementia

Beth McDonald, the national dementia advisor for Bupa Care Services and Jill Baker, manager of riverside care home and hospital share their knowledge and experience of dementia.

Duration: 00:25:14 | Date: 4 September, 2014

Bronte Jefferies Speaks at Waves

Bronte Jefferies shares her research o children of parents with mental illness and addictions at a public event held at WAVES.

Duration: 00:45:14 | Date: 20 August, 2014


Clinical Psychologist Dan Goodkind shares what you can expect from a session of therapy with a clinical psychologist.

Duration: 00:32:15 | Date: 7 August, 2014

Problem Gambling Foundation

Sandy Cummings from the Taranaki Problem Gambling Foundation talks about their contract review, as well as about the problem that gambling is in some peoples lives.

Duration: 00:25:17 | Date: 3 July, 2014

Practical Mindfulness

Participants in a 6 week mindfulness course give feedback about their benefits of learning mindfulness.

Duration: 00:26:18 | Date: 1 May, 2014

Brenda Cash Painter

Brenda holds an art exhibition each year to raise funds for a project dear to hear heart. In 2014 it was Like Minds.

Duration: 00:27:52 | Date: 3 April, 2014

Lynne Holdem Supporting Families in Mental Illness

Lynne Holdem from Supporting Families talks about the organisation and how it works.

Duration: 00:27:45 | Date: 6 March, 2014

Decluttering your Environment, Mind and Life

Tony Spencer shares ways to declutter your environment, mind and life.

Duration: 00:29:52 | Date: 6 February, 2014

New Years Resolutions

How to look at our resolutions and turn those idle wishes into a definite plan that will see them achieved so that we can look back at the year with a sense of achievement.

Duration: 00:33:00 | Date: 2 January, 2014

Exercise in Mental Health

Shane martin literally exercised his way out of depression. This is his story.

Duration: 00:27:41 | Date: 12 December, 2013

Feeling Down on the Farm

Gordan Hudson talks about a publication providing essential information on mental health for farmers.

Duration: 00:27:25 | Date: 14 November, 2013

Turn the Living Page

Diane Bellamy talks about the Turn the Living Page event during the mental health awareness week 2013. A human library event which gave people the chance to talk with people about their mental health story.

Duration: 00:30:20 | Date: 3 October, 2013

Taranaki Suicide Prevention

Fi Perez, chair of the Taranaki Suicide Prevention Coordination Group talks about the organisation and its role in raising suicide awareness.

Duration: 00:30:59 | Date: 1 August, 2013

Having Young Babies

About the stresses of being a mother to young babies, post natal depression and other perinatal mental distresses.

Duration: 00:29:29 | Date: 4 July, 2013

Mental Health Support

Gary Walls Renwick from New Plymouth Mental Health and Addiction talks about mental health support.

Duration: 00:24:18 | Date: 6 June, 2013


Cecily Bull talks with NETS coordinator.

Duration: 00:30:09 | Date: 31 January, 2013

Alcohol and Drugs

Sue Philipson, the family whanau advisor at TDHB talks about addiction services.

Duration: 00:29:36 | Date: 3 January, 2013