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Sugar Loafing Arts Cast

Sugar Loafing Arts Cast showcases the diversity of arts in Taranaki and beyond. Hosted by Mikaela Nyman

Airing time: Saturdays, 11am

A community arts radio show that challenges the belief that the arts are exclusive.

Sugar Loafing Arts Cast showcases the diversity of arts in Taranaki and beyond. Host Mikaela Nyman interviews artists, creative makers, writers and curators, and delves into art ideas and mediums, discussing a wide range of themes, such as decolonisation in New Zealand and Pacific art and literature, how to find inspiration, and the beauty of collaboration with other creative souls across art disciplines.

The fundamental idea of this podcast is to showcase arts and creativity and to inspire. Do you have a creative passion or want to share your ideas? Feel free to contact Mikaela on [email protected]


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Laura Campbell and Getting Exhibition Ready

Laura Campbell, Director of Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford, talks with Mikaela about the practicalities involved in presenting art and getting exhibition ready, as well as the duty of care for both artists and gallery.

Duration: 00:56:22 | Date: 28 January, 2023

Te Kupenga Stone Carving

Acclaimed sculptors Renate Verbrugge and Jocelyn Pratt talk about this year’s Te Kupenga Stone Sculpture Symposium and their process for transforming hard andesite into playful, sensuous sculptures that defy gravity.

Duration: 00:59:29 | Date: 21 January, 2023

Marita Green Potter

Mikaela talks with potter Marita Green about pricing work and attaching value to art and craft. Pricing is a big challenge for many creative people, but an integral part of being a full-time artist.

Duration: 1:00:16 | Date: 14 January, 2023

LearnerMe with Jordan Huges & Casio Austin

Mikaela talks to Jordan Hughes and Casio Austin about the group exhibition by 10 LearnerMe digital graphic arts students that are showing in our ARTspace in January. Their self-portraits draw on a wide range of references from nature and the spiritual world to manga, anime and gaming.

Duration: 00:52:21 | Date: 7 January, 2023

Community Quilt

Mikaela talks to quilters Leslie Ault, Ruth Pfister and Claire Patten, who worked on the ‘TaranakiAPart Together’ quilt, a community lockdown 2020 project that is showing in our ARTspace in January.

Duration: 00:56:36 | Date: 31 December, 2022

Teresa Peters

Contemporary ceramicist Teresa Peters’ acclaimed work exists as solid clay objects and in digital video form. In 2021 she won the Portage Ceramic Awards and this year she’s a finalist. Her work TIME CRYSTAL is on show at Te Uru art gallery until 5 March 2023. Check out her exhibition ‘Ground Zero’ with Maree Horner at the Contemporary Art Space Taranaki!

Duration: 1:00:18 | Date: 24 December, 2022

NZ Miniature Enthusiasts

Welcome into these beautiful homes – for seriously tiny inhabitants! Mikaela speaks to Taranaki members of the NZ Association of Miniature Enthusiasts – Maureen Holmes-Woods, Jo Cross, Shelley Young and Mary McCaffery about their passion, art and craft.

Duration: 00:59:48 | Date: 17 December, 2022

Sukena Shah

Sukena Shah was awarded the George Mason Visual Arts Scholarship this year for her painting ‘To be a Brown Woman’, a stunning piece that’s part of her Year 13 art portfolio at New Plymouth Girls High School. Drawing on her Pakistani heritage, Sukena’s art offers a critical examination of the experience of women in post-colonial South Asia through a young artist’s eyes.

Duration: 00:56:56 | Date: 10 December, 2022

Jan Huijbers

Jan Huijbers is the ART Space artist for December. Check out his art inspired by nature’s design and oceanic creatures. Jan grew up in Zundert where Van Gogh was born.

Duration: 00:58:07 | Date: 3 December, 2022

Shona Edwards

Theatre is Shona Edwards’s passion; she also writes under the name Shona M. Wilson. Shona’s comedy ‘Golding Girls’ which opens on 23 Nov is the last play she will be directing for New Plymouth’s Little Theatre before moving to Whanganui. Mikaela talks to Shona about writing scripts and bringing them to life on the theatre stage.

Duration: 00:57:30 | Date: 19 November, 2022

John Schumacher

Artist and picture framer John Schumacher is a keen tramper, who finds inspiration in nature, science and poetry. His joyful, abstract oil pastels are on show in the ART Space in the Top Town mall throughout November.

Duration: 00:59:28 | Date: 12 November, 2022

Andrea Connor

Andrea Connor uses layers of acrylic paint to convey the patterns of nature in her semi-abstract art. Andrea is also skilled at carving and sculpting bone and stone. We talk about some of the challenges she’s dealt with over the years, including as a participant in the biannual Te Kupenga Stone Sculpture Symposium in New Plymouth

Duration: 00:46:51 | Date: 5 November, 2022

Rosemary Petterson

Mikaela talks to Ōakura artist Rosemary Petterson about sculpture commissions, her work on film sets, and her colourful sculptural windows ‘Love, Joy and Hope’ featured in Auckland’s 2022 Heart of the City’s celebration of spring. Currently, Rosemary is working with tamariki on a large mural for Te Pi’ipi’inga Kakano Mai / Rangiatea Kura Kaupapa Māori in Spotswood that will be unveiled at the school’s 30th birthday celebrations in November.

Duration: 00:54:19 | Date: 29 October, 2022

Floral Arts Society

Janine Duff and Christine Gordon talk to Mikaela about the upcoming New Plymouth Floral Art Awards. This year, floral artists have joined up with the Embroiderers’ Guild on the theme ‘Environmental elements. We talk about foraging, what revolutionized floral art, and the elements of composition that make up a spectacular piece. This year’s award exhibition can be viewed at the Beach St Hall in Fitzroy on Saturday 29 Oct, coinciding with the Taranaki Garden Festival and Arts Trail.

Duration: 00:53:14 | Date: 22 October, 2022

Paul and Matt

Paul Coulton of Huatoki Creatives and Matt Sturgess of String Studios are our ART space artists for October. Come and check out Paul’s copper art and Matt’s hand-built guitars (electric and acoustic) in the ART Space until the end of this month. Paul and Matt have also been writing and performing blues for over 40 years, most recently as Hoos Blues.

Duration: 00:51:42 | Date: 15 October, 2022

Taranaki National Arts Awards 2022

Taranaki National Arts Awards celebrates its 20th anniversary this year (last year was canceled). Mikaela talks to TNAA Chair Megan Symons and artist Christine Byrnes about the Awards ceremony on 28 Oct that promises to be a cracker event! Volunteers wanted! The exhibition closes on 6 Nov.

Duration: 00:54:38 | Date: 8 October, 2022

NZ Society of Authors Taranaki Roadshow Part 2

Listen to part 2 of a korero with Witi Ihimaera and Vanda Symon from the inaugural NZ Society of Authors Taranaki Roadshow held in September 2022 in New Plymouth. Witi was the first Māori novelist to be published in Aotearoa, and 2022 marks 50 years since the publication of his first book Pounamu, Pounamu.

Duration: 00:39:22 | Date: 1 October, 2022

NZ Society of Authors Taranaki Roadshow Part 1

Listen to part 1 of a korero with Witi Ihimaera and Vanda Symon from the inaugural NZ Society of Authors Taranaki Roadshow held in September 2022 in New Plymouth. Witi was the first Māori novelist to be published in Aotearoa, and 2022 marks 50 years since the publication of his first book Pounamu, Pounamu.

Duration: 00:45:33 | Date: 24 September, 2022

Pasha Clothier

Pasha Clothier presents an interconnected world view, typical of Polynesia, in her art and writing. Pasha traces her whakapapa to the tiny island of Hitiaurevareva (the Tahitian traditional name), colonised as Pitcairn Island. We talk about plants, connections across time and space, the value of indigenous knowledge, whales, cosmos, and listen to some intriguing sounds.

Duration: 01:00:02 | Date: 17 September, 2022

Margret Hands

Margaret Hands is our ART space artist for September and works in soft pastels (chalk pastel). Her art practice keeps her in a peaceful and playful space, while Taranaki beaches and bush offers a springboard for her imagination, sometimes resulting in fantastical creatures. She’s working towards self-publishing her pictorial art journey. Check out her work until end of September.

Duration: 00:49:28 | Date: 10 September, 2022

Tabatha Forbes

“Gardeners are the ultimate artists,” says artist Tabatha Forbes when Mikaela visits Forbes & Flay studio gallery in Ōpunake. We talk about sound art, Elam, botanical art and the workshop in botanical drawing Tabatha will hold at Puketarata in Hāwera during the Taranaki Garden Festival.

Duration: 00:53:20 | Date: 3 September, 2022