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Sugar Loafing Arts Cast

A community arts radio show that challenges the belief that the arts are exclusive.

Airing time: Saturdays, 11am

A community arts radio show that challenges the belief that the arts are exclusive.
The hour-long weekly show, Sugar Loafing Arts Cast, combines interviews, on-site recordings, event recommendations and musical interludes. 
Hosts, Taranaki-based painter David Le Fleming and writer Suraya Sidhu Singh, approach the arts in relatable ways.
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R H Morrieson Award Winning Stories

“Writing offers the writer a way of shaping their existence, and passing on value. It helps people identify with others, and shapes a community by voicing hopes, ideals and realities. We are richer for hearing these stories, and our community is richer for gathering them.”

Those are the words of celebrated librarian and organiser of the Ronald Hugh Morrieson Awards, Pam Jones.
In today’s episode, hear this year's winning research article and short stories, with comments and writing tips from judges, Dame Fiona Kidman and Matt Rilkoff.

(The poetry winners will be broadcast in Part 2, at a later date).

Duration: 00:59:28 | Date: 9 November, 2019

Emerging Artist Stu Tullett Morris

“(Art is) something that comes so naturally to me that I never question it -- like a lot of people wouldn’t question eating, or going for a walk. It’s something that’s just part of your life,” says artist and musician Stu Tullett Morris. His paintings deliberately entertain naivety, becoming psychedelic, character-filled fests of movement in oil pastel, house paint and other media. Our first in a series focusing on emerging artists in Taranaki.

Duration: 00:52:11 | Date: 2 November, 2019

Ngahuia Te Awekotuku Fiona Clark

Emeritus Professor and legend of Māori Feminist and Takatāpui (~LGBTQ) activism, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, and photographer Fiona Clark, reminisce about the bedsheet protests, rants in the quad, pose-striking and colourful queer characters of their student days at Auckland Uni in the early 1970s. You'll laugh and cry.

Duration: 00:56:37 | Date: 26 October, 2019

Embroidery - Playing the Long Game

“In today’s world, with all the pressure that people have… we need to take a step back, and find something slow,” says embroiderer Maree Burnnand. That’s probably why a surprising number of young people -- boys and girls -- are taking up embroidery in 2019. Meanwhile, embroiderers like Maree break the mould. We caught up with some stitchers at the opening of the 'Stitched Treasures' exhibition at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Whakaahurangi / Stratford, and asked about their process, and their patience.

Duration: 00:59:45 | Date: 19 October, 2019

A New Way For Emerging Artists to Exhibit

We chat with curator Wayne Morris about a new space in Top Town, Ngāmotu/New Plymouth, dedicated to showing work by emerging artists, and supporting them on their journey with help writing artist statements and biographies, and interviews.

Duration: 00:57:25 | Date: 12 October, 2019

Roger Morris and the Expansive Universe

"This is our one shot. This is it. We’re alive, and struggling to figure out a world around us that’s huge, and complex.”
Deep in the Taranaki countryside, Roger Morris is making prints and paintings addressing some of the most controversial issues of our time -- The Great Conspiracies. But it's not turtles all the way down, we also talk about the complex reputation of drugs and alcohol in the creative process, and the value of boredom.
Includes music by Joni Mitchell, Boards of Canada, Red Snapper, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Duration: 01:00:08 | Date: 28 September, 2019

About SpiegelFest

What's the secret to organising a successful festival? It's not what most people think, says Suzanne Porter of TAFT. We're chatting today about what's on at November's Spiegel Fest, what goes on behind the scenes and how they build great relationships with performers.

Duration: 00:49:19 | Date: 21 September, 2019

Stratford's Best Kept Secret

"For peace of mind I think it's really, really important for people to find something (creative) to do, and to give themselves permission to do it."
Sue Hogan found making crafts lifted her spirits when job-hunting left her feeling frustrated and depressed. She started Verdigris Creative Studio as a gallery and workshop space in Whakaahurangi / Stratford to share her skills, and help others make time for themselves.

Duration: 00:59:32 | Date: 7 September, 2019

National Poetry Day And The Pole Of Consent

On National Poetry Day, 23 August, a great crowd gathered at Koru on Devon gallery in Ngāmotu / New Plymouth for the first -- but not the last! -- 'Logo Malarchy' open mic poetry night.
Poets from around the province and the country spoke of road trips, wet cats, saying no, love, death, race, homelessness, online dating and more.

Duration: 00:59:55 | Date: 31 August, 2019

Ans Westra And Adrienne Jansen On Documenting Muslim New Zealanders

Ans Westra in conversation with writer Adrienne Jansen, and Maya Al-Fayyad -- representing the Taranaki Muslim community. They talk about the people in the photographs, how 15 March has changed New Zealand, and how Islamophobia spreads.
Ans Westra grew up in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands. It was against this backdrop of forced monoculturalism she began to yearn to know more about other cultures. Ultimately, she would come to New Zealand and take world-famous photographs in Māori communities, and those that form the exhibition now on at Percy Thomson Gallery in Whakaahurangi (Stratford) - The Crescent Moon: The Asian Face of Islam in New Zealand.

Duration: 00:57:10 | Date: 24 August, 2019