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Sugar Loafing Arts Cast: Past Episodes 2020

A community arts radio show that challenges the belief that the arts are exclusive.

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A community arts radio show that challenges the belief that the arts are exclusive.
The hour-long weekly show, Sugar Loafing Arts Cast, combines interviews, on-site recordings, event recommendations and musical interludes. 
Hosts, Taranaki-based painter David Le Fleming and writer Suraya Sidhu Singh, approach the arts in relatable ways.
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Interview With Marianne Muggeridge Pt 1

Marianne Muggeridge is one of Taranaki and New Zealand's most well-known and well-loved artists. Her work is in the collection of institutions like Te Papa and she’s won several major awards and competitions. She’s well known for her portraits, Taranaki mounga landscapes and iconic paintings of Wellington houses.

Duration: 00:58:44 | Date: 4 July, 2020

Glass art with The Glass Gallery: Richard Landers

Duration: 00:48:17 | Date: 27 June, 2020

Emmanuelle Charmant

French photographer Emmanuelle Charmant (Little French Bird) now lives and works in Ōpunake. She's just put together a lovingly handmade, pocket-sized book called The Great Lockdown in a Little Town, covering her documentary photography of Ōpunake during 2020's covid-19 rāhui (lockdown). We talk about this series and her wider work.

Duration: 00:55:38 | Date: 20 June, 2020

Young Artist Award

Suraya speaks with Justin Morgan and Laura Campbell from Puke Ariki. Both are judges for this year's Emergence Awards. The TSB Community Trust Award for Young Taranaki Artists aims to empower and encourage the creative talents of young, aspiring and emerging artists from Taranaki, while providing a showcase for their works.

Duration: 00:26:05 | Date: 13 June, 2020

Decolonisation In NZ Art

An interview with Hanahiva Rose, writer on Maori and Pacific art practices and Assistant Curator at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre about colonisation and decolonisation in New Zealand art, with special reference to work in the Govett Brewster's collection.

Duration: 00:56:15 | Date: 30 May, 2020

What We Learned In Lockdown

Taranaki artists (Rhonda Bunyan Photography/Art/Life/Taranaki, Green Morris Studio - Brenda Cash and Linda McFetridge) talk about what they did during rāhui (lockdown), what inspiration it brought and what to do when you run out of art supplies.

Duration: 01:00:09 | Date: 16 May, 2020

Intro To Early Euro Music Part 3

Introduction to Early European Music Part 3 covers the period 1500 to 1630. We look at how the Renaissance conception of self, fast and furious religious change and !dancing! influenced music in Europe. We also hear a piece the Vatican banned for 150 years and learn some LBGTQ+ history.

Duration: 00:52:45 | Date: 9 May, 2020

Early European Music Pt.2

Fun fact: Several early music manuscripts survived only because they were considered disposable in their time. 'The Worcester Fragments' were found cut up into pieces and used to bind other books, other pages screwed up and bunged into holes in organ pipes. It's the only notated example of 'the English style' French monks were discussing in their letters at the time.
In this episode, we find out more about how polyphony developed in European music, including details of the 12th century Parisian hotbed of innovation. Yay for Paris.

Duration: 00:38:10 | Date: 18 April, 2020

Early European Music Pt.1

From Ancient Greece (700BC) to Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel (1500AD), this episode includes where the Greeks hid their rhythms, what the music of Dolly Parton has in common with Gregorian chant, the undefeated, coolest nun ever, obscure musical physics you can try at home, sacred geometry, secret code-breaking, and reasons to show your genitals to a field of wheat.

Duration: 00:52:50 | Date: 11 April, 2020

Motivation and Procrastination

Motivation, procrastination and the artist in captivity

Duration: 01:00:11 | Date: 28 March, 2020

Vicky Taylor Pyrographer

The mindful art practice known as wood burning, poker work or pyrography has gotten Vicky Taylor of Whakaahurangi / Stratford through some tough times. The tools can be difficult to get hold of in New Zealand, and any old wood won’t do. (Sorry about the poor sound quality — we’re working on finding a better app for recording.)

Duration: 00:53:33 | Date: 21 March, 2020

Lee Rapira

Multi-media artist Lee Rapira makes meticulously researched work around themes like place, consumerism and colonisation. Her exhibition is on at the Emerge Gallery at Access Radio Taranaki, Top Town, Ngā Motu / New Plymouth until 29 February 2020.

Duration: 00:48:59 | Date: 15 February, 2020

Carina McQueen

"Draw and paint whatever you want. Don’t listen too much to people saying, that’s not in fashion. You still have to do what you love to do."
Encouraging words from Carina McQueen, oil painter, exhibiting at Lysacht Watt Gallery in Hawera this month, with Amy Taunt.

Duration: 00:55:57 | Date: 8 February, 2020

Poets on Devon With Late For Life Drawing

Avant-garde, jazz and bushfire-inspired poetry accompanied by improvisational provocateurs Late for Life Drawing at this month's Logo Malarky at Koru on Devon.

Duration: 01:00:19 | Date: 1 February, 2020

Gover St Gallery

Heidi Griffin has long been involved in running galleries in Taranaki. In February 2020, she’s opening Gover Street Gallery, a large community-run space, in Ngāmotu / New Plymouth. Dwayne Duthie is adding an eye-catching mural to its front wall. We talk with Heidi about her plans for the space.

Duration: 00:59:43 | Date: 18 January, 2020

Teresa Goodin

"[My work] can be challenging for some people, and it's supposed to be. That work has been created by digging deep into my shadow... and looking at some things that were difficult to look at. That's going to show people something in themselves as well. It's going to stimulate something."

Duration: 00:59:43 | Date: 11 January, 2020