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Me And My Mates: Past Episodes 2022

People with disabilities have mates too!

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Brendan Cresswell and Tarryn Wallace have a positive, sometimes hilarious view on life and on overcoming obstacles.

In this series they invite others in, with different disabilities, to chat about life, the universe and everything in-between.

New show fortnightly.

Made possible with the support of Life Skills Taranaki: 


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2022 Recap

Brendan and Tarryn recap their 2022 and reflect on the show

Duration: 00:28:10 | Date: 19 December, 2022

Sharing is Caring

Brendan and Tarryn talk about how to help others this holiday season.

Duration: 00:27:52 | Date: 5 December, 2022


Brendan and Tarryn talk about ways to safely travel with covid in the community.

Duration: 00:28:46 | Date: 21 November, 2022

Finding Joy

Brendan and Tarryn talk about all the big and small things that make them happy.

Duration: 00:28:46 | Date: 7 November, 2022

Mental Health

Brendan and Tarryn talk about mental health and ow you can deal with it.

Duration: 00:27:51 | Date: 24 October, 2022

Karanga Maha Part 2

Brendan Cresswell shares some interviews with people who went to Karanga Maha.

Duration: 00:29:22 | Date: 10 October, 2022

Doing it for Myself

Brendan Cresswell and Tarryn Wallace talk about how it feels to be underestimated, on the one hand, and how it feels to achieve the unexpected, on the other.

Duration: 00:30:29 | Date: 26 September, 2022

Karanga Maha

Brendan and Tarryn talk with Paparina from CCS Disability Action about the Karanga Maha event, coming up on the 29th and 30th of September at Kanihi Mawhitiwhiti Pa.

Duration: 00:27:10 | Date: 12 September, 2022

Visually Impared Q & A

Brendan and Tarryn answer questions that they get asked or that people are too scared to ask about their sight.

Duration: 00:29:02 | Date: 29 August, 2022

Not Defined by Disability

Brendan and Tarryn talk about ways to stay happy and positive with a disability.

Duration: 00:28:25 | Date: 8 August, 2022

Helping People with Disabilities

Brendan and Tarryn share stories of people who have helped them in the past.

Duration: 00:29:16 | Date: 25 July, 2022

Time With Our Mates

After receiving some bad news, Brendan and Tarryn discuss what friendships mean to them, and how important it is to make memories.

Duration: 00:28:48 | Date: 4 July, 2022

School and Kickstart

Brendan Cresswell and Tarryn Wallace talk about their experience with school and the Kisckstart Flatting course that they both went through after finishing school

Duration: 00:27:48 | Date: 20 June, 2022

People We Can Count On

Brendan and Tarryn discuss the importance of having a good support network and being there for others.

Duration: 00:28:00 | Date: 6 June, 2022


Brendan and Tarryn touch on topics such as learning about disabilities when young and how to deal with judgment.

Duration: 00:28:27 | Date: 2 May, 2022

Finding Joy

Brendan and Tarryn discuss ways to stay positive through mental health ups and downs.

Duration: 00:28:13 | Date: 18 September, 2022

Be Aware of Scams

Brendan and Tarryn share tips on what you should know about electronic scams and how to stay safe online.

Duration: 00:28:53 | Date: 28 March, 2022

Update On Covid

Brendan and Tarryn share their thoughts on the changes to the Covid regulations and how they're dealing with omicron.

Duration: 00:28:48 | Date: 14 March, 2022

Self Acceptance

Brendan and Tarryn discuss their personal experiences with self-acceptance.

Duration: 00:28:18 | Date: 21 February, 2022

What It's Like For Us

Brendan and Tarryn share how they explain their disabilities to others.

Duration: 00:27:34 | Date: 7 February, 2022

Welcome 2022

Brendan and Tarryn talk about their Christmas and New Year and discuss their hopes and goals for the year.

Duration: 00:29:57 | Date: 24 January, 2022

2021 Wrap Up

Brendan and Tarryn reflect on 2021 and talk about their goals for 2022.

Duration: 00:29:01 | Date: 3 January, 2022