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Me And My Mates

People with disabilities have mates too!

Airing time: 7pm Tuesday; new show every fortnight

Brendan Cresswell and Tarryn Wallace have a positive, sometimes hilarious view on life and on overcoming obstacles.

In this series they invite others in, with different disabilities, to chat about life, the universe and everything in-between.

New show fortnightly.

Made possible with the support of Life Skills Taranaki: Find us on FB


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Sandy shares what it's like for him, living with Asbergers, and his tips and tricks for coping

Duration: 00:27:01 | Date: 6 July, 2020

Rest of 2020

Duration: 00:26:05 | Date: 22 June, 2020

After Lockdown

Brendan Cresswell and Tarryn Wallace are happy to be back after lockdown.

Duration: 00:28:07 | Date: 8 June, 2020