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Neville Rides The Boundaries

Neville is a retired farmer who is still passionate about all things rural. With his weekly show, Neville aims to build a bridge between rural and urban communities.

Airing time: 7am Wednesdays, replayed 7pm Wednesdays

Although no longer farming, Neville Wallace still has a keen interest in agricultural production and environmental protection. With unerring skill, he unravels confusion by bringing in the sharp shooters with the real information. His shotgun riders include MPs, academics, researchers, scientists and celebrities. Join Neville as he rides the boundaries and shines a spotlight on all things rural.


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Neville's guest today is Donald Aubrey

Duration: 28:5 | Date: 30 December, 2020


Neville's guest today is Mike Coils

Duration: 28:58 | Date: 6 January, 2021


In our round up today we have Wayne Langford a Golden Bay Dairy farmer who spoke to the Dairy Women’s Network of the good work and effort of farmers who have donated beef to the emergency food outlets around NZ, Barbara Kuriger is along with news from the Wellington young enterprise scheme national finals. Philip Duncan from explains that there could be a tropical cyclone with us on Xmas day. You can’t keep a good man down here’s the poet of the South Mr. Jim Hopkin

Duration: 00:29:24 | Date: 16 December, 2020


Patrick Phelps, manager of a West Coast advocacy group based in Hokitika, talks with Neville about coal production and the economy, followed by Barbara Kuriger and, to round up today's panel, Philip Duncan is with us to talk about the weather

Duration: 00:28:37 | Date: 9 December, 2020


Shelley Davies, speaker at a function organised by the Dairy Women’s Network, speaks about her life and overcoming adversity; Barbara Kuriger on the effects of the recent heavy rain and the beginning of the current session of parliament; Philip Duncan from explains our current fluctuating weather patterns, and James Hopkins with a satirical comment or three

Duration: 00:29:51 | Date: 2 December, 2020


In our round up today we have the dominion past president of FF NZ Don Nicolson, discussing issues such as productivity, provincial banks being closed down and rural conservation problems. An always busy Barbara Kuriger is along to tell us more about the rural support trust’s evening in NP last Thursday evening. He’s back, Philip Duncan from joins our round up to give us a rural weather prospective as to the weather ahead and a little insight into meteorological conditions running up to the America’s cup.

Duration: 00:29:38 | Date: 25 November, 2020


We conclude our discussion with Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth relating to farmer wellbeing, Barbara Kuriger is along to explain about her new portfolios, and ’s she is responsible for and Jim Hopkins joins us to bring some levity to the present political situation

Duration: 00:27:51 | Date: 18 November, 2020


Part 2 of North Otago farmer, Jane Smith's discussion about some of the points she made in her article “Urban NZ you’ve been lied to” Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth on the symptoms of farmer wellbeing.

Duration: 00:27:06 | Date: 11 November, 2020


In the line up today: North Otago, farmer Jane Smith discusses some of the points she made in her article “Urban NZ you’ve been lied to”; Barbara Kuriger on grass growth and the new water regulations. It’s Philip Duncan’s last day at work. Phil has been Country TV’s weatherman for the last 10 yrs and James Hopkins’s is along with a tribute to Sean Connery

Duration: 00:28:15 | Date: 4 November, 2020


Nevillle talks with retired veterinarian Guy Oakley whose retirement hobby is caring for our vulnerable Kiwi birds. Philip Duncan and Barbara Kuriger are along, too, plus some sound bites of a letter from the UK put together by Pita Alexander, an Accountancy and Agri business director at Alexanders, Christchurch.

Duration: 00:28:12 | Date: 28 October, 2020


Join Neville as he talks with Derek Daniell, commentator on the direction of NZ economy, a post-election Barbara Kuriger, Philip Duncan who looks at moisture levels for the month of October and, to finish the show, Jim Hopkins has a satirical analysis of the elections.

Duration: 00:28:43 | Date: 21 October, 2020