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Neville Rides The Boundaries

Neville is a retired farmer who is still passionate about all things rural. With his weekly show, Neville aims to build a bridge between rural and urban communities.

Airing time: 7am Wednesdays, replayed 7pm Wednesdays

Although no longer farming, Neville Wallace still has a keen interest in agricultural production and environmental protection. With unerring skill, he unravels confusion by bringing in the sharp shooters with the real information. His shotgun riders include MPs, academics, researchers, scientists and celebrities. Join Neville as he rides the boundaries and shines a spotlight on all things rural.


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Duration: 00:30:13 | Date: 23 June, 2021


Duration: 00:29:26 | Date: 16 June, 2021


Duration: 00:27:51 | Date: 9 June, 2021


Duration: 00:29:01 | Date: 2 June, 2021


Duration: 00:29:00 | Date: 26 May, 2021


Duration: 00:28:31 | Date: 19 May, 2021


Duration: 00:27:56 | Date: 12 May, 2021


Duration: 00:30:05 | Date: 5 May, 2021


Duration: 00:29:42 | Date: 28 April, 2021


Neville chats with Mike Coils, Barbara Kuriger, and Philip Duncan.

Duration: 00:29:15 | Date: 21 April, 2021


Duration: 00:29:13 | Date: 14 April, 2021

Rod Slater

Duration: 00:29:30 | Date: 7 April, 2021


Duration: 00:29:50 | Date: 31 March, 2021


Karen Williams, Dominion Vice Pres of Fed Farmers, with part 2 of her conversation from last week, Philip Duncan from, and Barbara Kuriger is along to give us an update of matters rural around the country

Duration: 00:22:36 | Date: 24 March, 2021

St Patricks Day

Duration: 00:27:27 | Date: 17 March, 2021


Clem Coxhead has new ideas to promote Hawera, Amy Castleton from NZX has good news for dairy farmers, Barbara Kuriger reacts to cancel culture and Dr Seuss, and Philip Duncan talks about earthquakes and the weather

Duration: 00:29:21 | Date: 10 March, 2021


Amy Castleton from NZX with the latest report from the latest dairy products sale, Philip Duncan is along explaining the weather. Neville also catches up with Barbara Kuriger and Southern man Jim Hopkins

Duration: 00:27:22 | Date: 3 March, 2021


Today is Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth talks food, Barbara Kuriger talks about the PC brigade, e-scooters and road safety, and Philip Duncan speaks of the effects of La-Nina and other things weather.

Duration: 00:27:48 | Date: 24 February, 2021


Mike Coils from the Museum of Eltham talking about a vintage machinery display in Hawera for Taranaki Anniversary weekend, Barbara Kuriger talking about Covid-19 and the vaccine also dress culture of MPs, Philip Duncan from and, finally, Jim Hopkins has a comment or three about the message that was sent to farmers at the Groundswell meeting at Waimumu.

Duration: 00:29:33 | Date: 17 February, 2021


Amy Castleton from NZX discusses the continuing solidarity of the high price for NZ dairy products, Philip Duncan from weather is along to tell us more about our continuing fine weather and a little about the history of weather forecasting, Barbara Kuriger is along to tell us how she is celebrating Waitangi Day. And more thoughts from Pita Alexander.

Duration: 00:28:47 | Date: 10 February, 2021


In today’s line up: Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth lauds NZ dairy farmers, Cameron Laing, a young local computer technician, with tips on spotting those scam emails and texts, a refreshed Barbara Kuriger talks about the republic day at Whangamomona and other rural activities she has attended during her first week back at work, Philip Duncan is along to discuss the weather and the move towards a more locality-based weather forecasting system. Finally Jim Hopkins is along to praise local achievement

Duration: 00:29:32 | Date: 3 February, 2021


Award winning author and photographer Alice Mabin Talks about working as a harvester, Amy Castleton of New Zealand’s stock exchange (NZX) about the rise of NZ dairy products and the factors that influenced the rise in price of milk products, Philip Duncan of weather is along to explain the sudden changes in our weather systems, Pita Alexander a widely respected retired accountant shares some things your 18year old should know about that are never taught at school

Duration: 00:28:50 | Date: 27 January, 2021