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Neville Rides The Boundaries

Neville is a retired farmer who is still passionate about all things rural. With his weekly show, Neville aims to build a bridge between rural and urban communities.

Airing time: 7am Wednesdays, replayed 7pm Wednesdays

Neville is a retired farmer who is still passionate about all things rural.

With his weekly show, Neville aims to build a bridge between rural and urban communities.

His interview guests have included MPs, farming leaders, DOC staff, a university Professor of Agriculture, and even a Prime Minister!


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In our line up today I was fortunate to get an interview with a very busy David Seymore, leader of the ACT party.Then a very busy I-have-been-everywhere Barbara Kuriger, who’s been to Hokitika, Ashburton, Timaru, and Dunedin. Also on the show is Philip Duncan from Weather Watch, and Jim Hopkins, with his satirical spin on the election portfolios of the various political parties

Duration: 00:28:41 | Date: 23 September, 2020


Today we have Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth with an insight of the ability of the bureaucrats who advise the Govt. on farming policy. Then we hear from Barbara Kuriger who spent a night in internet free Whangamomona and Philip Duncan is along to discuss the weather at home and abroad.

Duration: 00:29:16 | Date: 16 September, 2020


In today’s round up I have Bernadette Hunt who is deputy Chair of Southland provincial FF and this young lady has done an outstanding job representing farmers of Southland against the draconian regulations that this Govt, has introduced relating to pugging and getting a resource consent for farming. Jim Hopkins joins me to take a satirical swipe at this Govt’s attempt at a one size fits all when it comes to regulating NZ agriculture and to finish off the day Philip Duncan from is with us to remind you that summer isn’t here yet.

Duration: 29:11 | Date: 9 September, 2020


Duration: 00:28:31 | Date: 2 September, 2020


In todays round up I have Angela Potroz who is co-founder of Woolchemy, along with her daughter Derelee Potroz-Smith. This mother and daughter combination have developed an innovative absorbent woollen baby napkin and napkins for people with incontinence. Also chats with Barbara Kuriger, Philip Duncan and, to wrap the previous fortnight’s political antics, raconteur, James Hopkins is with me, to give us his satirical political opinion.

Duration: 28:40 | Date: 26 August, 2020


In today's line-up we have Amy Castleton from NZX which is a stock exchange which provides information for the sale of dairy products. Barbara Kuriger talks about the role of farming prior to the run-up to the election. Philip Duncan from brings good news to budding gardeners and farmers. to add levity, we have our political raconteur James Hopkins

Duration: 00:30:46 | Date: 12 August, 2020


Today Neville talks with local dairy farmer Trish Rankin about how to safely dispose of your farm plastic. Then take a trip to catch up with Northland Dairy farmer Lyn Webster to learn about droughts and flooding. Barbara Kuriger speaks of dairy, berry, and sustainable farming Then Philip Duncan is along to explain why we are still getting such mild weather.

Duration: 00:29:41 | Date: 5 August, 2020


Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth talks about three aspects of water, quality, quantity, and disposal. Then Philip Duncan is along to explain our current weather patterns. Barbara Kuriger joins us to explain the restructured dairy industry restructuring act and to wrap up the week James Hopkins is along with his opinion piece of a weird week in politics

Duration: 00:28:20 | Date: 29 July, 2020


In our line-up today we have Wairarapa farmer Lynley Wyeth from Spring Valley farms talking wool, then Cousin Natalie Irvine from Melbourne discusses Corona virus. Barbara Kuriger is along talking about how stress affects us all at times. Then Philip Duncan is along with his long-term view of climatic conditions.

Duration: 00:29:10 | Date: 22 July, 2020


We conclude our series about stress down on the farm with Neil Bateup, country comment from Barbara Kuriger, Jim Hopkins, gives us his comments about the sudden resignation of Todd Muller and a weather up-date from Philip Duncan

Duration: 00:29:57 | Date: 15 July, 2020


In our line-up today we continue with our series with Neil Bateup, then Oscar Agren a Swedish exchange student, Barbara Kuriger and Philip Duncan

Duration: 00:29:01 | Date: 7 July, 2020


In our round up today we have a Waikato Dairy Farmer, Neil Bateup, telling us about rural stress and the cause, Philip Duncan from Weather Watch. Then Barbara Kuriger talks about tidying up share milker and land owners responsibilities. Last but not least, Jim Hopkins points out how farming is bringing in big financial gains to our economy.

Duration: 00:29:04 | Date: 1 July, 2020


Dr Jacqueline Rowarth discusses the difference between Regenerative Farming and Industrial Farming and what it means for the consumer. PLus the usual catch-up with MP Barbara Kuriger, and Philip Duncan explains why we’re still getting such mild weather in June.

Duration: 00:28:35 | Date: 24 June, 2020