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Josh's Broadcast

Life through the eyes of an exuberant, insightful, and slightly wacky 10 year old

Airing time: Tuesdays, 1pm, live

Josh loves to talk. 

He loves it so much that he often borrows the voices of other people and animals to tell his stories. 

Tune in to Josh’s Broadcast to experience life through the eyes of an exuberant, insightful, and slightly wacky 10 year old.

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Sandwich Special

With a very special guest, Sammy (Sandwich)!

Duration: 00:29:34 | Date: 6 July, 2021


Duration: 00:30:12 | Date: 22 June, 2021

Campervan Trip Part 3

The final part of the campervan trip and ...COOKIES

Duration: 00:29:08 | Date: 8 June, 2021

Campervan Trip Down South Part 2

Josh tells us more about his holiday in the South Island and how far he can fly his paper airplane.

Duration: 00:29:16 | Date: 25 May, 2021

Chillaxing in a Camper Van

Josh's camper adventure days 1-3. Chillaxing in a camper van in the South Island.

Duration: 00:29:18 | Date: 11 May, 2021

Josh's Going Away Show

Duration: 00:27:41 | Date: 13 April, 2021

Minecraft Quiz

Duration: 00:28:27 | Date: 30 March, 2021


Duration: 00:30:36 | Date: 23 March, 2021

More Gluten Free, Please

Josh argues his case for gluten-free doughnuts, and wonders what's at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle

Duration: 00:29:51 | Date: 9 March, 2021