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"Get the latest buzz on local stories and solutions" about sustainable gardening, building, energy use, water use, and waste minimization and more

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Hive Taranaki was the trading name for the Taranaki Environmental Education Trust, a charitable trust which has been working for Taranaki since 1992.

The Hive Centre opened in New Plymouth in 2010, around the time this radio show started.  They managed a range of projects including the Hive Environment Centre, Enviroschools Program and Connex youth.

The Hive radio show, hosted by Peter Heard and Nell Rose, was full of simple and sophisticated solutions and stories about sustainable gardening, building, energy use, water use, and waste minimization, that are just as relevant and important now as they were 10 years ago.


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The Green Shed

Nell meets Lillian Hall, from The Green Shed, Urenui

Duration: 00:54:31 | Date: 25 July, 2011

Glen Willard and Donna Willard Moore

Nell visits Glen Willard and Donna Willard Moore at their Tataraimaka property

Duration: 00:56:11 | Date: 18 July, 2011

Urban Gardening in San Francisco

Nell continues on her Rambling Rose travels

Duration: 00:37:51 | Date: 11 July, 2011

The Hilton and Sustainability

Nell Rose, in San Francisco on her Rambling Rose travels, talks with Jill from The Hilton San Francisco about their sustainability practices

Duration: 00:37:10 | Date: 4 July, 2011

Relationships to Land

Haumoana White shares the Poutama 1st-nation Iwi world view, their values and concepts in connection with the environment

Duration: 01:00:01 | Date: 20 June, 2011

Gardens in Schools and Whole Body Health

Duration: 00:58:26 | Date: 13 June, 2011

Bedouin Adventures

Nell talks with two German couch-surfers share stories of their travels around the world

Duration: 00:59:14 | Date: 30 May, 2011

Nanotech Biology and Plume

Duration: 01:01:21 | Date: 16 May, 2011

Ruth Irwin

Ruth Irwin is a philosopher who talked at the EcoSapiens Symposium, held at Owae Marae, about climate change and the 'epoch of unsettlement'

Duration: 00:54:14 | Date: 2 May, 2011

Marking the Anniversary of the BP Oil Spill

Recorded from the Taranaki rally in the Huatoki Plaza to mark the 1st anniversary of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - part of an international day of action against deep sea oil drilling

Duration: 00:44:13 | Date: 25 April, 2011


Peter attended the opening of The Waves Youth Health Centre (unfortunately around no longer) and talked with Dr Huirangi Waikerepuru

Duration: 00:19:27 | Date: 28 March, 2011

Community Resilience And Regeneration

Community resilience and regeneration

Duration: 00:59:53 | Date: 21 March, 2011


Enviroschool Event 2010_Dion Workman, recently returned from the Philipines, where locals get all food and resources from the forest

Duration: 00:54:16 | Date: 7 March, 2011

Slavko's Garden

Nell talks with Slavko Nikolovsky about his lush and prolific urban-New Plymouth garden

Duration: 00:29:01 | Date: 28 February, 2011

Going Bush In Pukekura Park

Peter talks with David Warren about some of the trees and plants growing in Pukekura Park, and their medicinal properties

Duration: 00:59:02 | Date: 7 February, 2011

Quarantine Island

Peter talks with four residents of Quarantine Island, a publicly-accessible recreation reserve, jointly managed by DOC and the community, in the Otago Harbour

Duration: 00:13:08 | Date: 31 January, 2011

Eco Sapien Symposium

Offerings from the 2011 EcoSapien Symposium

Duration: 01:01:18 | Date: 24 January, 2011

Korito Organics

Nell talks with Dee Turner of Korito Organics in Egmont Village

Duration: 00:17:13 | Date: 17 January, 2011

Griffin Hope

Peter talks with Griffin Hope, a Taranaki-local permaculturalist, just returned after 3 years in Chile where he established a branch of Gaia University. They talk about his upbringing, sustainabilty, the (then) recent earthquake in Chile, and the superfoods quinoa and blueberries being grown in the Chilean village where Griffin is living.

Duration: 01:02:55 | Date: 10 January, 2011

Nell With Friends Of Te Henui Walkway.

Nell talks with nature photographer Phil Bundle

Duration: 00:14:15 | Date: 3 January, 2011

A Montage

Lizard Society
Ngamotu Marine Reserve Society
Jodie Roebuck

Duration: 00:58:40 | Date: 27 December, 2010

Summer Solstice

Harvesting garlic; Nell talks with Velda and Phil, Friends of Te Henui

Duration: 00:14:29 | Date: 20 December, 2010

The Hive opens its doors

Jodie Roebuck Pt 2, Steve Wharehoka talks about green rooves, Hive in the community and dreams coming true

Duration: 00:59:55 | Date: 13 December, 2010

With Steve Wharehoka

Steve Wharehoka talks with Ruth Pfister and Nell Rose

Duration: 00:17:02 | Date: 6 December, 2010

Regeneration Network Crew and Jodi Roebuck

Jackie at Seed Organics, Peter talks to the Regeneration Network Crew, and visits Motoroa School; Jodi Roebuck talks about the Grow Bio-intensive growing method

Duration: 01:01:18 | Date: 29 November, 2010

Environmental Films and Okato Spring Market

Stuart Bramhall talks about the best films from the environmental film festival; Peter visits the Okato Spring Market

Duration: 00:59:24 | Date: 15 November, 2010

The Wise Woman Tradition of Gardening and Healing

Nell Rose goes on a wild weed walk

Duration: 00:15:36 | Date: 8 November, 2010

Waitorike School

Lyndon Ellie (sp?) on living foods and a visit to Waitorike School

Duration: 01:00:35 | Date: 1 November, 2010