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Pushing The Limits 2018

Pushing the Limits - the show that gets deep into the psyche of limit-pushers from all walks of life.

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Out-of-the-box thinkers, elite athletes, successful entrepreneurs, social change innovators, scientists and more.

Cutting to the chase to find out what makes them successful, how they did it, what their life philosophies are, and what gems of wisdom they can impart to us all.

With a strong bent on everything health, fitness, mental and physical performance enhancement.

Made possible with the support of Lisa Tamati Enterprises Ltd and Running Hot Coaching Ltd

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Dr Paul Wood

Duration: 00:57:41 | Date: ,

Malcom Law.

Duration: 01:00:36 | Date: ,

Neil Wagstaff

Duration: 00:19:57 | Date: ,

Dr. Leor Rauchberger - My DNA Life

Duration: 00:45:51 | Date: ,

Rob Harsh

Duration: 00:56:52 | Date: ,

Dr Bill Andrews on Anti Ageing

Duration: 01:12:45 | Date: ,

Dr Susan Oldfield

Duration: 00:47:40 | Date: ,

Molly Hannegan Sheridan Ultra Marathon Runner

Duration: 00:57:58 | Date: ,