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Koala and Kangaroo: Past Episodes 2022

Koala and Kangaroo are really Tipene and Gaige, two best mates who have been making radio since their Devon Intermediate days (last year).

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Koala and Kangaroo are really Tipene and Gaige, two best mates who have been making radio since their Devon Intermediate days (last year).

In their live, 1/2 hour show, they talk about what's happening in their lives, like school and sport, share funny stories, and play their favourite music.


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Showing Who's Boss

Tips and Gaige talk about swimming, things they love and hate at swimming holes, and infuriatingly hot pies.

Duration: 00:26:52 | Date: 27 December, 2022

Food Debates

Tips and Gaige debate about their favourite foods.

Duration: 00:31:08 | Date: 20 December, 2022

Why Was I Away

Gaige and Tips talk about the summer vibe, a headstart to 2023, TOPEC, and rafting in winter.

Duration: 00:31:13 | Date: 13 December, 2022


Tips and Noah call Gaige and talk about Spiderman movies and theories.

Duration: 00:30:33 | Date: 29 November, 2022

Birthday Fun

Tips and Noah talk about Tips birthday and the new Black Panther movie.

Duration: 00:30:44 | Date: 22 November, 2022

The Bro Noah

Tipene and Noah talk about MacBooks not having the same stuff as other computers, Noah's camp, and Tipene's sister Tia.

Duration: 00:31:32 | Date: 8 November, 2022

Yoghurt Biscuit

Tips and Gaige talk about memories from Devon Intermediate, cooking classes, and Gaige's watch that got stuck on a roof.

Duration: 00:28:14 | Date: 1 November, 2022

Food and Movies

Gaige and tips chat about food and films.

Duration: 00:32:13 | Date: 18 October, 2022

Mango Tango

Noah is on the show today, talking about different schools and deep-fired butter in America.

Duration: 00:30:43 | Date: 11 October, 2022

Plug In

Buy your tickets to Frozen Jr featuring Cormac.

Duration: 00:31:45 | Date: 4 October, 2022

Marvel Now!

Gaige and Tips express their nerdy love for Marvel and geek out about their up-n-coming films.

Duration: 00:32:48 | Date: 27 September, 2022

What If

Gaige and Tips talk about space, 'What If' scenarios, Bugsy Malone, and Rick and Morty.

Duration: 00:29:49 | Date: 13 September, 2022


Gaige doesn't know what Bugsy Malone is but Tips explains the interworkings of Spotswood's 'Bugsy Malone' production.
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Duration: 00:30:09 | Date: 6 September, 2022

Number Fun

Gaige and Tips share awesome tales from school.

Duration: 00:32:13 | Date: 30 August, 2022

Movies With Us

Gaige and Tips talk about internet culture and their opinions and recommendations on different films.

Duration: 00:30:44 | Date: 23 August, 2022

School? No Way!

Tips recaps how Spotswood has been for him.

Duration: 00:26:27 | Date: 16 August, 2022

Fricken Chicken

Koala and Kangaroo are really Tipene and Gaige, best mates since Devon Intermediate days.

Duration: 00:30:35 | Date: 9 August, 2022

We Are Back

We're back from the holidays, but of course, Gaige is sick...

Duration: 00:31:01 | Date: 2 August, 2022

Noah is Here

Gaige loves sonic, Terraria is mid, Noah is visiting and there is a new Five Nights at Freddy's movie

Duration: 00:29:01 | Date: 5 July, 2022

Rough Rapids

Gaige and Tips friends almost drown while rafting...

Duration: 00:28:32 | Date: 28 June, 2022

New Time

Talking about Topec and their new time slot on Tuesday afternoons ART

Duration: 00:29:26 | Date: 21 June, 2022


Gaige talks about what it's like at Spotswood and topec.

Duration: 00:32:07 | Date: 15 June, 2022

Bats, Spiders and Gaige

Spoilers for Batman Unburied, Gaige's TOPEC stories, and the spider-man game.

Duration: 00:28:55 | Date: 8 June, 2022

Time Travel

What is beyond the milky way?

Duration: 00:32:36 | Date: 18 May, 2022

Get Educated with Us

School talk, more TOPEC stories, school lunches, and a small gesture from Gaige.

Duration: 00:31:08 | Date: 11 May, 2022


Tipene and Gaige talk Marvel, Spiderman, and holidays.

Duration: 00:30:51 | Date: 4 May, 2022


The boys chat about the Batman movie, the Frozen musical, and the lack of fun things to do these holidays.

Duration: 00:33:09 | Date: 20 April, 2022

The Sea

Gaige makes his return, and brings info about TSB Topec and talks about his fear of the ocean.

Duration: 00:33:14 | Date: 13 April, 2022

Spiderman vs Batman

The debate on who would win. Spiderman vs Batman. Also MCU vs DC.

Duration: 00:30:50 | Date: 6 April, 2022

Batman Review

Gaige and Tips talk about the new Batman movie!

Duration: 00:31:23 | Date: 16 March, 2022

The Bat Episode

Equipped with state-of-the-ark bat content, epic hypotheticals and sound effects we found on wish and tonnes of bat laughs!

Duration: 00:29:13 | Date: 2 March, 2022

Covid's in Our Schools

Pure unadulterated Tips and Gaige content. So much that we can't pinpoint anything.

Duration: 00:28:14 | Date: 23 February, 2022


School info, including Mr Parr (the Cool Dude), Literacy Enhancement, Gaige's confession, and Batman Spoilers

Duration: 00:30:19 | Date: 16 February, 2022

What the Heck

Randomness guaranteed.

Duration: 00:28:21 | Date: 9 February, 2022


Gaige and Tipene chat about going back to school and different hairstyles.

Duration: 00:28:46 | Date: 2 February, 2022

New Year, New Worries

Gaige and Tips share their concerns about the future and NCEA. They also have a Friday dinner date!

Duration: 00:31:03 | Date: 26 January, 2022