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Green Generation: Past Episodes 2020

The Green Generation share with you their journey towards a sustainable future. We can only change the world together as communities.

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Kia ora Taranaki

It's the Green Generation, coming at you with our weekly show where we will inspire, enlighten and blow your beautiful minds with what is happening environmentally in our region, around Aotearoa, and in our world.

In this show we share with you our journey towards a sustainable future. We can only change the world together as communities.  Students, teachers, parents, staff and our local community learn, work and play together to inspire and encourage each other to live purposeful lives.


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Duration: 00:25:30 | Date: 22 December, 2020

Dino and Diwali

Reuben, Freddie, Bella and Lauren share their week at NZ's Green School, including an interview with Surf Lifesaver Dean Spicer, and the Diwali festival.

Duration: 00:25:03 | Date: 1 December, 2020

Ad Libbing

Reuben, Bella, Freddy and Lauren talk about their week - largely off-script

Duration: 00:26:56 | Date: 24 November, 2020


Green Generation's newest hosts, Freddie, Reuben, Bella and Lauren.

Duration: 00:22:58 | Date: 10 November, 2020

Turuturu Mokai

Duration: 00:24:28 | Date: 17 November, 2020

Year 5&6 Students With Their First Show

Green Generation's newest hosts, Freddie, Reuben, Bella and Lauren talk about their Footprints project, sharing food together, and share some eco tips

Duration: 00:18:16 | Date: 3 November, 2020

Soil and Land Wars

Rose, Emmett, William and Angelina share their recent learnings about what makes a good soil and the Taranaki Land Wars, plus an interview with Whaea Gemma Chambers

Duration: 00:27:41 | Date: 27 October, 2020

Passion, People and Empowerment

Today's studio guest is Mark Armstrong, talking about the importance of passions and comparing mainstream schooling to Green School NZ.

Duration: 00:29:15 | Date: 20 October, 2020

On holidays, and Market Days

Your hosts today are Will, Manoa, Rose and Angelina. They discuss holidays, and the awesome sustainable products they made and sold at the recent Green School Market Day

Duration: 00:28:42 | Date: 13 October, 2020

Market Day

Join today's hosts, Emmett, Nina, Amelie and Brooklyn, as they talk about their market day, reflect on this school term, and interview Mouse.

Duration: 00:27:21 | Date: 22 September, 2020

Caving With Year 7s

Rose, Emmett, Nina and Amalie share their caving adventures and talk with maths teacher, Matua Dan

Duration: 00:30:08 | Date: 15 September, 2020

With Brooklyn, Emmett, Nina and Amalie

Duration: 00:27:15 | Date: 8 September, 2020

Sustainable Development Goals

With Ariki, Harrison, Jack and Lewis

Duration: 00:28:35 | Date: 1 September, 2020

With Ariki, Harrison and Jack

Duration: 00:29:31 | Date: 25 August, 2020

Cross Country and Rites of Passage

Duration: 00:30:05 | Date: 18 August, 2020

TikTok, Hikoi and Matua Damien

Duration: 00:25:09 | Date: 4 August, 2020

Justice Yoga and Trash

Today the Green Generation talk about social justice - locally and globally, linear and circular economy, plus there's a guest interview with yoga guru Savsha Hope. New student Sophia Baker joins the show for the first time.

Duration: 00:30:39 | Date: 28 July, 2020

Puanga and Voyage

Green School students talk to Matua Stuart, principal of the Green School, and share their Puanga celebrations. Hear, also, about their mountain bike track project.

Duration: 00:28:21 | Date: 21 July, 2020