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A Global Perspective with BiograView: Past Episodes

"BiograView, Perspectives from around the globe" aims to approach the inevitable blending of cultures from a positive perspective.

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"BiograViewPerspectives from around the globe" aims to approach the inevitable blending of cultures from a positive perspective. Now is the perfect opportunity to learn from each other and to enrich our knowledge and resources. We all have something positive to bring to the table. It’s time to acknowledge each other in peace. BiograView is a platform for individuals from foreign countries from all walks of life who wish to share their experiences, achievements and challenges while adapting to a place they now call ‘homeland’. And as this gives us an opportunity to to see a glimpse into different cultures, we can only celebrate the drive and determination and what it takes to succeed in a strange world. This new, monthly magazine was inspired by HOMELANDS THEN & NOW (2018), a book containing migrant stories written on behalf of Migrant Connections Taranaki, New Zealand. Broken down, the word ‘BiograView’ is a combination of biography and view."

(from the BiograView webpage)

 BiograView v2

Each month, magazine founder, Ingrid van Amsterdam chats with BiograView's artist,  Charlotte Giblin about some of the stories that feature in the newest edition, and more.

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Christmas Traditions, Covid, Consequences and Memories

Christmas - Northern vs Southern Hemisphere celebrations; Covid vaccinations in business and relationships: help or hindrance? - How we learn from the past. Taking a positive approach: patience, love, respect, and compassion.

Duration: 00:58:57 | Date: 18 December, 2021

Changes, Christmas, and Consumerism

Exciting changes coming up at the BiograView front and we talk about Christmas gift giving - or not? Christmas consumerism and how you can deal with it without losing your marbles.

Duration: 00:28:44 | Date: 20 November, 2021

Tea, Chocolate, Social Media

Pure deliciousness in the origin and history of tea and chocolate. Social media and Covid: Are there some advantages to be found?

Duration: 00:30:10 | Date: 23 October, 2021

NZ's Migrant Culture, Language, and Braille

Charlotte and Ingrid talk about the challenges of adapting to and living in another culture, the development of digital technology and art in our September and upcoming October issue.

Duration: 00:28:04 | Date: 25 September, 2021

Foraging, Identity, Kōrero, and Radio

Charlotte and Ingrid chat about some of the current and upcoming stories in BiograView, and reflect on personal experiences in their respective home countries.

Duration: 00:31:23 | Date: 21 August, 2021

Local Celebs, Art, and Shakespare

Ingrid introduced her new multicultural magazine BiograView, including the same background stories, how she found her writers and the theme of this month's cartoons.

Duration: 00:28:44 | Date: 24 July, 2021