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Hosts Lillie and Leon are Year 8 students. In this show they'll be talking about anything and everything.

Airing time: Thursdays, 4pm

A feel good motivator for youth who are in the middle ground. Not primary nor teenagers. Its kind of a call to arms for confidence going into that next part of life where they’ll have to make more and more decisions for themselves.  Hosts Lillie and Leon are Year 8 students. In this show they'll be talking about things like: 

Stuff to do in New Plymouth with no money and without having to hassle your parents for a ride

Interesting holidays no one observes

Global issues affecting our generation

Book reviews

UFOs and aliens


What kids are doing around the world

And how much is too much peanut butter on toast?


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Making And Keeping Friends

Duration: 00:29:21 | Date: 2 January, 2019

Things To Do Over The Summer Holidays

Duration: 00:28:02 | Date: 9 January, 2019

Funny Words and Phrases

Duration: 00:26:52 | Date: 19 December, 2018

Book Review_Alien Abductions

Duration: 00:29:37 | Date: 12 December, 2018

Interesting Days We Should Celebrate

Duration: 00:31:49 | Date: 5 December, 2018

Fun Stuff To Do In New Plymouth For FREE

Duration: 00:23:35 | Date: 28 November, 2018

Overfishing, Global Warming, Recycling

Duration: 00:25:39 | Date: 21 November, 2018

All About Lillie and Leon

Duration: 00:26:27 | Date: 14 November, 2018