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The Catholic Couch

There's nothing better than piling up onto a large soft couch to hang out. Come and join us on the couch for a chat!

Airing time: 4:30pm on Monday

There's nothing better than piling up onto a big, comfy couch to hang out with your mates! Presented by the Catholic Parish of New Plymouth Youth, this show dives into life's big, small, and sometimes ridiculous questions one chat at a time.

Come and join us on the couch!


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O'Shea Shield

Today on the couch, Magdalene, Lucy and Mo talk about the O'Shea Shield, last weekend.

Duration: 00:30:12 | Date: 15 May, 2023

Hockey and Heaven

Connell and Clarence hit the topics of hockey, school and life, before dribbling through the journey of salvation.

Duration: 00:30:31 | Date: 8 May, 2023

Confirmation Conversation

Clarence, Jamie, Connell and Susilo share their experiences with confirmation, junior leaders camp, and how scarily competitive the leaders get.

Duration: 00:30:34 | Date: 1 May, 2023

Lest We Forget

Ben, Magda, and Hugh talk about war, conflict, the ANZACs, and a bit about the last Catholic festival.

Duration: 00:28:51 | Date: 24 April, 2023

Bethanie and Livie's Quiz Show

Join Bethanie and Livie on the couch for the ultimate amazing trivia challenge quiz show, Easter edition, to find out who will be crownedEaster expert extraordinaire

Duration: 00:26:09 | Date: 17 April, 2023

Easter Edition

Clarence, Connell, Jamie, and Susilo band together to talk eggs, costumes, and Jesus.

Duration: 00:29:17 | Date: 10 April, 2023

Whole Week of Holy Week

Susilo, Connell and Florence are having a conversation about Holy Week, why we as Catholics celebrate the most Holy Week in the Liturgical calendar, and why we do what we do.

Duration: 00:31:04 | Date: 3 April, 2023

Stories and Saints with Rain

Join Rain on the couch to talk about the Annunciation, Palm Sunday, Father Vui's book, and some stories.

Duration: 00:30:22 | Date: 27 March, 2023

St Joseph's Feast Day & Chitty Chats

Join Martha, Elli, Magda, and Mo on the couch as they celebrate St Joseph's Feast Day and talk about the school production, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Duration: 00:30:01 | Date: 20 March, 2023

Confirmation Chats

Join Gavriel, Bethanie and Mo on the couch as they talk about Confirmation that is coming up in early term 2.

Duration: 00:30:33 | Date: 13 March, 2023

Meet and Greet Dr Sus

Our new youth minister has joined us on the couch today, meet Susilo! Mo interviews Susilo about his life and his first day on the job.

Duration: 00:30:18 | Date: 6 March, 2023

One Year on the Couch!

Join Ben, Magdalene, and Mo on the couch as we celebrate The Catholic Couch's first birthday and the year we've had.

Duration: 00:26:47 | Date: 20 February, 2023

Live, Laugh, Lifeteen!

Join Frankie, Magdalene and Mo on the couch to recap on our favourite Lifeteen Summercamp 2023 moments, and learn just how much Mo likes Worship

Duration: 00:30:34 | Date: 13 February, 2023

Have Mercy On Us

Join Bethanie and Rain on the couch to chat about Saint Faustina and what we can learn from her about God's Mercy.

Duration: 00:28:20 | Date: 6 February, 2023

Two Psalm Too Garfunkel

Join Clarence, Isaac, Magda, Lucy, and Bethanie on whatever this was.

Duration: 00:24:46 | Date: 30 January, 2023

Livie and Bethanie's Ultimate Amazing Quiz

Join Livie and Bethanie, supported by Magda, Lucy, and Rain for Livie and Bethanie's Ultimate Amazing Quiz. Today's topic is: Youth group. Who will be crowned youth group expert extraordinaire?

Duration: 00:22:08 | Date: 23 January, 2023

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Join Bethanie, Magda, Lucy, Clarence, and rain as we chat about the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe.

Duration: 00:20:51 | Date: 16 January, 2023

Stories, Singers and Squids

Join Lucy, Magda, Frankie, Clarence, Rain today for some epic story improv. Frankie and Rain share book titles and Clarence makes up a plot based on the title. It's epic!

Duration: 00:22:34 | Date: 9 January, 2023

The Catholic Chow

Join ben, Magda, Lucy, Frankie, Clarence, and Rain to chat about New Year's resolutions.

Duration: 00:25:07 | Date: 2 January, 2023

Christmas Quiz

Join Bethanie and Rain on the Couch for the ultimate amazing challenge quiz trivia challenge quiz show Christmas edition to find out who will be crowned Christmas Expert Extraordinaire.

Duration: 0:23:44 | Date: 26 December, 2022