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Te Hau Maiangi - Voices of Experience

The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought leadership and innovation for Taranaki.

Airing time: Saturdays at midday

The best way to adapt and lead is for those with something to say to tell their stories, their way.  

The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought-leadership and innovation for Taranaki. This partnership brings together an online portal where community groups can access local, national and international innovators talking about their field of expertise and their stories of experience, land and culture.

Together we make accessible a wide spectrum of voices to ignite community inspiration, empowerment and action.

Find out more about the project here: Te Hau Maiangi Voices of Experience Logo Full Colour 01


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Can Farming Be A Solution

Recorded at the Just Transitions Community Conference: Regenerative agriculture and food production outside of the usual - speakers are Carl Freeman of Freeman Farms, Karma Burwell of Greenbridge speaks and Fiona Young.

Duration: 00:34:43 | Date: 5 October, 2019

Eco Living In Action: Cleaning Up The Dairy Industry From Within

Duration: 00:25:49 | Date: 28 September, 2019

Robbie White Race Unity

Duration: 00:52:20 | Date: 14 September, 2019

Community Circle_Ngamata Skipper_Leighton Littlewood

Recorded at the Community Circle, Summer 2013: learning about standing, from Ngamata Skipper, and Leighton Littlewood on the value of trust.

Duration: 00:37:33 | Date: 31 August, 2019

Joi Gordon - Dress For Success

Joi Gordon, CEO Dress For Success Worldwide, was in New Zealand to help celebrate NZ Dress For Success's 20th anniversary. She found the time to talk to Access Radio Taranaki, during her whirlwind stop in New Plymouth, about the impact Dress For Success has on the women, their children and the world. Powerful stuff.

Duration: 00:23:30 | Date: 24 August, 2019

Eco Living in Action: Cleaner Waterways and Transitional Engineering

Maureen Howard is a sustainable practice educator and communicator based in Dunedin.
In the first half of today's episode, Maureen speaks out for cleaner waterways with Dr Mike Joy, a fresh water ecologist working out of Wellington.
Her guest for the second half is Prof. Susan Krumdieck from the College of Engineering at the Universitay of Canterbury. They talk about transitional engineering and how we can move society away from a fossil-dependent culture.

Duration: 00:50:16 | Date: 10 August, 2019

Community Circle - Parihaka Peace Walk

Recorded at the Community Circle in June 2017, and focuses on the Parihaka Peace Walk, led by then-Mayor, Andrew Judd.
The sound quality is not the best as it was recorded live at the Council Chambers, bit it is important conversation that is well worth listening to, again and again.

Duration: 00:54:56 | Date: 3 August, 2019

Melissa Jacobsen Rotokare

Melissa Jacobsen is interviewed by Renee Manella about Taranaki’s Rotokare Pest-Free Island

Duration: 00:45:35 | Date: 27 July, 2019

Kay Baxter Kaonga Gardens

Seed saving, heritage plants, intergenerational abundance. How Kay became the leading repository of NZ seed stock.

Duration: 00:45:12 | Date: 20 July, 2019

Adnan Belushi_Future Humans Lab

Duration: 00:52:08 | Date: 13 July, 2019