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Te Hau Maiangi - Voices of Experience

The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought leadership and innovation for Taranaki.

Airing time: Saturdays at midday

The best way to adapt and lead is for those with something to say to tell their stories, their way.  

The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought-leadership and innovation for Taranaki. This partnership brings together an online portal where community groups can access local, national and international innovators talking about their field of expertise and their stories of experience, land and culture.

Together we make accessible a wide spectrum of voices to ignite community inspiration, empowerment and action.

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Post-Covid Stories Staying Connected

I speak with Cheryl Nomvula Mudawarima who gives her perspective on what it is like to live away from extended family during the covid 19 pandemic. She speaks about the challenges of giving support from faraway and the sadness that comes from the loss of loved ones.

Duration: 00:59:20 | Date: 21 August, 2021

Post Covid Stories: Environment

Alice talks with Taranaki Regional council education officer and conservationist, Dr Emily Roberts, who, during lockdown in Okato, created a series of fun and informative nature videos called Backyard Biodiversity.
Around the corner from Emily lives Matt Hart. Matt utilized his time at home to change his life direction - getting to work setting up a business called Hartygrnz - a small-scale market gardening business specializing in microgreens.

Duration: 00:58:16 | Date: 14 August, 2021

Post-Covid Stories: Whanau

South Taranaki social worker Te Aorangi Dillon speaks about being in lockdown with extended whanau following a death in the family and the subsequent tangi. She talks about routine, learning, connection, culture, and change.

Duration: 01:00:12 | Date: 7 August, 2021

Post-Covid Stories: Education

How did education change during lock down and what lasting changes have there been? Alice speaks with Spotswood College guidance counselor Kiri Fortune, about her role and how she responded to challenges; year 12 Spotswood College student Aisha Campbell about her personal learning experience at home and the transition back to school; and finally, with Taranaki mother Anuwela Howarth about making the decision to unschool her children following lock down and how that looks for her whanau.

Duration: 00:59:51 | Date: 31 July, 2021

Post-Covid Stories: Creativity

Alice explores the impact of lockdown on creatives - new projects started during lockdown, new ways of doing things because the old ways weren't available

Duration: 00:56:10 | Date: 24 July, 2021

Post-Covid Stories: Hapū Wānanga

In this series of Post-Covid stories, we explore some of the lasting impacts of this time of social and cultural change.
Alice Cowdrey talks with Taranaki midwife Tawera Trinder and junior Taranaki doctor Moerangi Tamati, the pair who, during lockdown, established an online form of the Hapū Wānanga to ensure ongoing care for Mamas and their whānau.

Duration: 00:55:26 | Date: 17 July, 2021

Hard Talk

Our Energy Future, a collaborative talk between 3 visiting Green MPs and Taranaki people

Duration: 1:03:26 | Date: 22 May, 2021