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Sweet Talk

Alessandra takes the funky personalities and stories from local community and shares them with you over a cuppa. Nearly always fun and hardly ever too serious.

Airing time: Live, 9-10am Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Replays same day at 9pm

Artists, poets, musicians, local community groups, writers, schools, the mayor, or simply friends – all are welcome.

If you have a message to get out, a call out for new members, an event to promote, you can join her as a guest. Contact the station on 06 751 3720 to arrange a date. Wednesday mornings you’ll usually hear Kris Johnson play new music.


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With guest Dave Tex Smith

Dave Tex Smith has been a busy man. Join us in getting to know this inventor, enabler, visionary, and fabulous story teller.

Duration: 0:55:32 | Date: 18 July, 2019

Craig Jeffery Extreme Weather

Duration: 00:58:03 | Date: 16 July, 2019

Hobnail + Taranaki Artocracy

Hear from Hobnail about their 25th Anniversary "Boots and All" gig at the 4th Wall theatre. Alessandra also welcomes artists Jan Huibers and Alby Carter to talk about their upcoming exhibition, Taranaki Artocracy, at the Percy Thomson Gallery.

Duration: 01:01:05 | Date: 11 July, 2019

Community Building Bahai Style

Guests from the Bahai community Shah, Essy, Laykin, Manino and Hamada dedicated to growing joy among people.

Duration: 00:43:58 | Date: 9 July, 2019

10-07-2019 Mayor Neil Holdom

Duration: 00:58:36 | Date: 10 July, 2019

Mike Ure On Turangawaewae

Duration: 00:49:01 | Date: 4 July, 2019

With guest Trevor Woudt

Trevor shares his thoughts on ancestry, litter, new technology, and Parihaka!

Duration: 56:38 | Date: 2 July, 2019

Dress For Success Joi Gordon

Duration: 00:57:39 | Date: 25 June, 2019

Wellington Hui

Alessandra has just returned from a hui in Wellington. You just can't beat it on a good day!

Duration: 47:7 | Date: 27 June, 2019

Climate Justice

Alessandra talks with Margaret Smith and Catherine Cheung, from Climate Justice, about the Just Transitions Community Conference held in New Plymouth, 15 June 2019

Duration: 00:53:21 | Date: 20 June, 2019

Talking to the Mayor

Duration: 00:51:36 | Date: 19 June, 2019


Duration: 00:49:51 | Date: 18 June, 2019

Angela Dellow - UPTO?

Angela shares her journey to the creation of an exciting new app that connects young people to their community: UPTO?

Duration: 00:54:35 | Date: 13 June, 2019

Priscilla NP

On today's Show Alessandra chats with John Ainsworth and Cameron Douglas as they share the party of the upcoming theatric version of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

Duration: 01:00:13 | Date: 11 June, 2019

Puanga With Nanny Maata

Duration: 00:34:28 | Date: 6 June, 2019

Just AK

Duration: 00:00:00 | Date: 30 May, 2019

Mayor Neil Holdom

Duration: 01:01:28 | Date: 29 May, 2019

Taranaki Arts Trail - Lindsay Maindonald

Interview with Lindsay Maindonald

Duration: 00:23:00 | Date: 28 May, 2019

Lindsay Maindonald, Artist, and Let's Talk About Magic

Lindsay Maindonald, artist and mountaineer, talks art and mountains, and Alessandra urges us to talk about the magic that happens every day

Duration: 00:58:22 | Date: 28 May, 2019


Everything is changing - and fast!!

Duration: | Date: 23 May, 2019

Julia Jones

Julia Jones, Head of Analytics at NZX, is very down-to-earth and very easy to relate to. She was a speaker at the Techweek 2019 event, "All You Can Eat", where she talked about understanding global trends and changing mindsets. She continues that conversation with Alessandra.

Duration: 00:54:18 | Date: 21 May, 2019

Keryn and Dana from YHub

Keryn and Dana talk about the Youth Army and the events coming up during Youth week

Duration: 00:48:30 | Date: 16 May, 2019

Natacha Dunn - TechWeek 19

Duration: 00:57:48 | Date: 14 May, 2019

Dennis Ngawhare, WOMAD Liaison

Dennis Ngawhare shares his experiences as a WOMAD Artist Liaison since 2002, and plays some of the music from the bands he has looked after.

Duration: 01:03:37 | Date: 9 May, 2019

Mayor Holdem Talks Future Stuff

Duration: 00:56:23 | Date: 8 May, 2019

Fiona Young on Regeneration

Duration: 00:52:21 | Date: 7 May, 2019

Anne takes the mike

Anne talks NZ Music Month, relocating, and new ART shows.

Duration: 00:54:07 | Date: 2 May, 2019

Taranaki Arts Trail - Joshua Sands

Angela Solomons talks with ceramic sculptor Joshua Sands - this week's Taranaki Arts Trail featured artist.

Duration: 01:00:08 | Date: 30 April, 2019

No Duff

Michelle talks with Nathan and Jase, about No Duff, an organisation run by veterans for veterans, and their ANZAC Day event.

Duration: 00:52:53 | Date: 24 April, 2019

Taranaki Arts Trail - Beth Pottinger-Hockings

Jazmine's guest is fibre artist Beth Pottinger-Hockings, and she enlightens us about her art, and involvement in the Taranaki Arts Trail

Duration: 23:40 | Date: 23 April, 2019

Jazmine Hosts with guest Gemma

Jazmine's guest is Gemma, and together they talk goats, books, and sunsmart Kune Kune pigs

Duration: 35:46 | Date: 23 April, 2019

Anne Meets the Mayor

Duration: 00:57:57 | Date: 17 April, 2019

Sarah Gillingham - Mental Health Peer Support

Duration: 00:34:42 | Date: 16 April, 2019

Taranaki Arts Trail - Helen Griffiths

Poetry as an art form

Duration: 00:29:46 | Date: 16 April, 2019