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Sweet Talk

Alessandra takes the funky personalities and stories from local community and shares them with you over a cuppa. Nearly always fun and hardly ever too serious.

Airing time: Live, 9-10am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Replays same day at 9pm

Artists, poets, musicians, local community groups, writers, schools, the mayor, or simply friends – all are welcome.

If you have a message to get out, a call out for new members, an event to promote, you can join her as a guest. Contact the station on 06 751 3720 to arrange a date. 


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Host Ange with Chev Curtis

Ange shoots the breeze with friend Chev Curtis. Hear their thoughts on birth traumas and mental health, social media anxiety, studying through distance learning, and hear how Chev's Grandad is still charming the ladies of Bristol at age 92. Sending much aroha to our fire-affected whanau across the Tasman.

Duration: 00:58:34 | Date: 14 November, 2019

Mayor Neil Holdom

Duration: 00:52:14 | Date: 13 November, 2019

There's Not A lot Of Later Left

Duration: 00:55:26 | Date: 12 November, 2019

Host Ange is joined by Suzy and David

Thursday's Sweet Talk host, Ange Blackmore, chats with Suzy Carswell, about poetry and veganism and other things, and with Davey Calder, of "The Folk Music Hour" fame

Duration: 00:00:00 | Date: 7 November, 2019

Kieran Martin Imagine My Relief

Today's show is hosted by Michelle she chats to Kieran Martin creator of Imagine My Relief a podcast series about those in the know about the climate emergency and our response to it

Duration: 00:49:03 | Date: 5 November, 2019

Host Ange is joined by Ethel and Elvisa

Ange Smiley chats with Ethel about witchcraft and The Day of the Dead and veganism, and Elvisa van der Leden, newly elected regional councillor for Taranaki, about ecology and climate crisis.

Duration: 00:54:28 | Date: 31 October, 2019

Omzo 3

Duration: 00:43:10 | Date: 15 October, 2019

Recovering Colonialists

Duration: 00:53:57 | Date: 29 October, 2019

Host Ange Blackmore Smiley takes to the mic

Ange Blackmore Smiley takes over Thursday's Sweet Talks for the season.

Duration: 00:57:40 | Date: 24 October, 2019

Sweet Talk - Matheson Brown

Korero with this young, local man who has spent his life since high school seeking adventure. And he's found it. Hear tales of the Appalachian Trail, hitchhiking from one side of the USA to the other, and stories from an an Australian town so small it doesn't even have a pub!

Duration: 58:5 | Date: 22 October, 2019

The Red Cross - Be Good, Be Ready

Shirley Birt from the Red Cross on the upcoming Open Day, and the Be Good, Be Ready campaign

Duration: 56:54 | Date: 17 October, 2019


Local elections are here. Have you voted?

Duration: 00:50:02 | Date: 8 October, 2019

Beauty Pageants, Youthline and Startups

Bree Paton-Courtney entered the 5 Crowns Pageant to learn more about herself and to gain confidence, as well as to support Youthline. She and her mum talk with Alessandra about those things and the importance of nanas and pastries. Then guest Katherine Blaney and Graham Nelson come in to get everyone excited about the upcoming Startup weekend.

Duration: 00:51:40 | Date: 3 October, 2019

Diabetes and Youth

Niamh McCormack and Greg Watt talk about living with Type 1 diabetes, the support organisation they are both involved with, Diabetes Youth Taranaki, and upcoming events.

Duration: :00:57:13 | Date: 26 September, 2019

Joe Gray Chaplain TDHB

Duration: 00:58:39 | Date: 24 September, 2019

Jezza And Nikita Chat With Mayor

Duration: 00:55:14 | Date: 18 September, 2019

Madame Dance Crew

New Plymouth's Madame Dance Crew is NZ's No.1 hip-hop dance crew. They need help to get to Sydney next month, where they will represent NZ in hip-hop comps.

Duration: 00:56:26 | Date: 12 September, 2019

Keeping it Reo

Gareth Kahui talks about the importance of Keeping it Reo.

Duration: 01:01:23 | Date: 10 September, 2019

Voices Of The Future

Organisers of the very successful Voices of the Future Conference, Nikita Taiapa and Jez Vivian, which took place in NP on 31 August, share their experience.

Duration: 00:48:41 | Date: 5 September, 2019

Tamzyn Rose Pue of Te Korimako

Duration: 00:56:25 | Date: 29 August, 2019

Counting Down on the Hill

Transition can be uncomfortable, but worth the effort. Reflections on our time here on beautiful Maungaroa

Duration: 0:41:14 | Date: 27 August, 2018

It's Out There

Musings on the power of connection, being heard, kindness, and being yourself. Alessandra also shares her thoughts on the importance of challenging the paradigms that no longer serve us.

Duration: 00:52:38 | Date: 22 August, 2019

Mikaela Nyman Poet

Duration: 00:54:14 | Date: 20 August, 2019