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Radio on Wheels

Hear the voices from around our region.

Airing time: Tuesdays, 8am

Hear the voices from around our region.

Each week the ART mobile studio parks up in a different town around the region and invites people in to talk and tell their stories.  

Michelle Caravan

Care for a Cup of Tea?

Michelle Bent, ART Community Liaison, invites community in to the ART caravan/recording studio.


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13-08-2019 Patea Pt 2

Duration: 00:43:54 | Date: 13 August, 2019

06-08-2019 Patea Pt.1

Patea represents on Radio On Wheels this week.
Jacq Dwyer and Cameron Curd on the mic, with songs by Kimba Mallowes in Patea Part One, airing on the new day of Tuesday 8am
Voices of the rohe thanks to TSB Community Trust

Duration: 00:52:45 | Date: 6 August, 2019

11-07-2019 Stratford

Duration: 01:00:29 | Date: 11 July, 2019

27-06-2019 Hawera Pt 2

Duration: 00:52:18 | Date: 4 July, 2019

27-06-2019 Hawera - Part 1

This week we're back in Hawera in South Taranaki. Guests are Ella Borrows, Celine Filbee, Alison Smith, and Selah Saints Luis and Manuwa

Duration: 00:59:08 | Date: 27 June, 2019

06-06-2019 Okato

Duration: 01:01:31 | Date: 6 June, 2019

30-05-2019 Hawera

Duration: 01:02:03 | Date: 30 May, 2019

16-05-2019 Bell Block

Duration: 00:35:32 | Date: 16 May, 2019