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Piripi's Nuthouse

One man's personal experience of bi-polar disorder

Airing time: Thursday's, 10pm

For many years, Philip Robertson has suffered from bi-polar disorder.  Finding little or no understanding of his condition in the people he met, he wrote Piripi’s Nut House in an effort to educate – and amuse.

(Piripi is the name he attributes to the person that lives through the experiences Philip writes about.)

In this series, Philip shares his colourful experiences by reading his book, out loud and unabridged.

"This book is written to help people to understand and deal with the disruptive effects of bipolar.  The mayhem caused by this illness can be enormous.  I am a long-term sufferer and have lost a large number of friends and a great deal of money through bad business decisions, thanks to this affliction."

Some of the extreme experiences Piripi has while in his manic phase are graphically recalled here.  Listener discretion is advised.  

Piripis Nuthouse


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