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Mike Needs Therapy

A chit chat about what it means to manage human suffering and thrive.

Airing time: Saturdays at 3pm

A chit chat about what it means to manage human suffering and thrive, in the challenging context of modern civilisation.


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Courage and Connection

Mike and Robbie talk about courage and connection.

Duration: 00:28:38 | Date: 1 January, 2022

Not Bored

Existential dilemma.

Duration: 00:28:35 | Date: 25 December, 2021

Toughen Up Arnie

Humility and mental toughness.

Duration: 00:28:46 | Date: 4 December, 2021

Razor's Edge

Duration: 00:29:34 | Date: 27 November, 2021

Man Edge

Achievable goals, navigating domesticated landscape, over sensitivity.

Duration: 00:29:43 | Date: 20 November, 2021

Man Child Philosophy

Man child psychology and rights of passage.

Duration: 00:30:15 | Date: 6 November, 2021

Puer Aeternus

Mother complex, back pain, and insomnia.

Duration: 00:28:09 | Date: 30 October, 2021

Compassion Fatigue

Some people are poison, psychosis, listen listen listen listen to me.

Duration: 00:29:59 | Date: 16 October, 2021