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M and M

Join Mahia who shares his friends, family, and favourite music.

Airing time: Tuesdays at 4:30pm

Not what you're thinking at all.  M and M stands for Mahia and music. Join Mahia who shares his friends, family, and favourite music.


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Maui And Music

Reading and explaining the pictures to the listeners, lots of good music too!

Duration: 00:27:01 | Date: 5 October, 2021

Artists and Facts

Good music and facts about the musicans.

Duration: 00:30:34 | Date: 28 September, 2021

Birthday Weekend

This weekend it's my birthday and Uncle Jess's birthday. Also talk about rippa rugby at school.

Duration: 00:29:48 | Date: 21 September, 2021

Back From Lockdown

Mahia talks about his Auckland trip, multiple lockdown birthdays, and fun with his big bubble.

Duration: 00:27:01 | Date: 14 September, 2021

Classic M And M

Mama joins Mahia in the studio.

Duration: 00:28:48 | Date: 10 August, 2021

Interviewing My Dad

I talk to my dad who lives in Australia about his job and hobbies.

Duration: 00:28:35 | Date: 3 August, 2021

Freinds and Family

Mahia talks to Mika, Kia, and Tipene.

Duration: 00:29:26 | Date: 27 July, 2021

The Cuzzies

Mahia, Blayze, and Ani-Titi talk about holidays, sport, and movies.

Duration: 00:29:51 | Date: 20 July, 2021

Interviewing Iwi Maire

Me and my cousin talk about all our favourite things.

Duration: 00:28:17 | Date: 13 July, 2021

The Cool Kids

Wicked, family, and books.

Duration: 00:28:01 | Date: 6 July, 2021


Duration: 00:27:14 | Date: 29 June, 2021


Duration: 00:28:58 | Date: 22 June, 2021


Duration: 00:27:42 | Date: 15 June, 2021


Interviewing my Uncle from the Little Fighters Trust, and my sister Tia.

Duration: 00:25:54 | Date: 8 June, 2021