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German language show

Airing time: Mondays, 9am (Sundays 9pm in Germany)

Hi.  I am Wolfgang, a German who has recently moved back to New Zealand, and I want to share my love for the German language.  So listen in and enjoy interesting and intriguing articles about life and current affairs in New Zealand, Germany, and other parts of the world.  What's new, and what is on the news, here and there.

This fortnightly, 30 min show is presented in German, and is for Krauts and Kiwis everywhere.



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With Guest Ebru Part 2

Duration: 00:36:24 | Date: 14 June, 2021

Paula and Josh

Paula tells us how she met Josh who is a musician having toured in Germany and other places in Europe.

Duration: 00:59:33 | Date: 31 May, 2021