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Airing time: Mondays, 9am Live (Sundays 9pm in Germany)

Hi.  I am Wolfgang, a German who has recently moved back to New Zealand, and I want to share my love for the German language.  So listen in and enjoy interesting and intriguing articles about life and current affairs in New Zealand, Germany, and other parts of the world.  What's new, and what is on the news, here and there.

This weekly, 30 min show is presented in German, and is for Krauts and Kiwis everywhere.



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Interview with Gabriela

Wolfgang interviews his daughter Gabriela about the difference between living in New Zealand and Germany.

Duration: 00:28:28 | Date: 12 April, 2021

Covid Regulations and the America's Cup

Today we talk about the new COVID regulations over Easter and New Zealand winning the America’s Cup. The people are overjoyed.

Duration: 00:28:50 | Date: 29 March, 2021

With Franziska

On todays show we interview Franziska and talk about the difference between New Zealand and German bread.

Duration: 00:31:05 | Date: 22 March, 2021

Tsunamis, Whales and Luminescent Sharks

Today's conversation involved:-+
1. a recent tsunami warning for the east coast. Volcanoes here and there, active and seemingly dormant.
2. Migratory whales stranding at Farewell Spit
3. Luminescent sharks found around Chatham Islands. A biological sensation!

Duration: 00:31:06 | Date: 15 March, 2021

A Thought Experiment

Wolfgang ponders the course of the sun in the northern vs southern hemispheres. A petrified Kauri tree reveals the pole change from South to North 42,000 years ago. What were the implications then, and possibly even now?

Duration: 00:28:21 | Date: 8 March, 2021

Culture Clash in NZ Parliament

Covd news from NZ and Germany, and the story of the culture clash in parliament. Neckties were a mandatory part of the dress code for men - why that has changed.

Duration: 34:00 | Date: 1 March, 2021

Winter, Covid, and Cologne - discussions with Andrea in Germany

Wolfgang talks with friend Andrea about Germany. What is it like to drive in winterly conditions? What's the current situation with COVID 19 and the vaccination programme? What are the similarities in the mentality of people from Cologne and NZ?

Duration: 00:33:16 | Date: 22 February, 2021


What makes a young couple from Romania and Germany want to live in New Zealand?
Where would they go on holiday? What is the most useful tool they’ve got? How did the children adapt to the new situation in a different country?

Duration: 00:44:24 | Date: 15 February, 2021

Waitangi Day

This week Wolfgang talks about Janus, the two faced Roman God looking back to 2020 and forward to 2021. He also talks about Waitangi Day and Maungatautari.

Duration: 00:35:05 | Date: 1 February, 2021

Sniffer Dogs and Sea Shanties

Today's show shares news from New Zealand - sniffer dogs are being trained to find trees with the deadly Kauri-Dieback-Disease, a Dunedin street is closed for a month because of sealions, and a NZ sea shanty about whaling goes viral with 77 million clicks in a few days.

Duration: 00:31:36 | Date: 25 January, 2021

Kiwis & Sheep

This week we talk about the white kiwi, ceramic dildos, and New Zealands sheep shearing competition.

Duration: 00:29:47 | Date: 18 January, 2021

Vaccinations, and Happiness

The vaccination campaign in NZ, what is happiness in every day for you, NZ's favourite bird for 2020 - the kakapo, and a lady who drives a mobile chilly bin. All of these are discussed in today's show.

Duration: 30:12 | Date: 11 January, 2021

Family Edition

Duration: 00:31:47 | Date: 21 December, 2020

The Great New Zealand Passion

The great NZ passion, Rugby, and a German's ambition to be part of the All Blacks team

Duration: 00:28:27 | Date: 14 December, 2020

With guest Sylvia

Wolfgang's guest Sylvia is originally from Austria and has been in New Zealand for 6 years.

Duration: 00:30:36 | Date: 7 December, 2020

German Film Festival, Petrels and Name Change for an Austrian Town

Today's show covers the German Film Festival, the endangered New Zealand Petrel, and a town in Austria that is changing its name as a result of globalisation.

Duration: 34:49 | Date: 30 November, 2020

Tattoos and Inner Pig Dogs

We start off with learning about what the German's call the "inner pig dog", and move onto the subject of tattoos. How are they seen in Germany? We learn about Captain Cook and the history of tattoos, and hear about Nanaia Mahuta, New Zealand's new Foreign Minister, and her moko tautae, or facial tattoo.

Duration: 31:22 | Date: 23 November, 2020

Sorrow Bacon

Today's compound word is "sorrow bacon" - makes perfect sense once you know what it means. Also covered today: Trumps's unwillingness to concede, Germans living in NZ, and some background on Jacinda Ardern

Duration: 00:30:11 | Date: 16 November, 2020