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Keeping it Reo

Celebrating your te reo and bringing community together

Airing time: Wednesdays, 10:15am (Live)

Kia ora ra e te iwi.  Tune in as we explore our language, its up and downs and people sharing their insights, not just on the language but in general everyday life.

An organic show, growing our awareness of language through perpetuating the dialogue of its value and importance in our Communities . Nau mai ee



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Kia ora ra e te iwi. Tune in as we explore our language.

Duration: 00:36:43 | Date: 9 October, 2019


Duration: 00:29:01 | Date: 2 October, 2019


Gareth talks with candidates for the local elections, Murray Chong, Joanne Kuvarji and Amanda Clinton-Gohdes

Duration: 00:34:10 | Date: 25 September, 2019


Gareth in korero with supporter and mentor Shona Glentworth

Duration: 00:37:05 | Date: 18 September, 2019


Gareth Kahui in korero with Emere Leitch-Munro, Thandi Tipene and Maryanne Sherman

Duration: 00:31:49 | Date: 11 September, 2019