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It's About Time

Taranaki Timebank is a community of individuals and groups who exchange skills and time to help each other out

Airing time: 6pm Wednesdays, Replay 10am Monday

 Every person has talents and gifts to share with their community that are of immense benefit to another. Rather than spending money, spend time! 
TimeBank's mission is to connect people who have gifts, skills and knowledge and a willingness to share them for the benefit of others; TimeBank is a "give and take" system managed through the use of computer technology and the Internet that will strengthen our community in a positive way.

TimeBanking creates circles of giving. TimeBanking is a way of trading skills in a community. It facilitates the sharing of skills between its members, both individuals and organisations. TimeBanking activity is measured by the time it takes to complete a piece of work. It's a kind of money, a complimentary currency. TimeBanking builds on the magic of pay it forward.

Time Credits are used as payment, not money. You earn time credits for the work you do, and then use those credits to 'buy' another member's time to get the services you need. This could be any member of the TimeBank, not necessarily the member you helped. (The member you kindly assisted may not have the skills that you need, but another TimeBank member might).
Everyone's Time is Equal - no matter what type of work is undertaken, one hour always equals one time credit.

It really is that simple.​
Equally valued - we all have something to offer. Every person and every skill is equally valued.

During this show you’ll meet some of the Timebankers and hear about their experiences of the network, and you'll find out about current offers and requests, and about how you can become involved.




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