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Hot Chocolate for the Soul

A journey about wellbeing and the warm feeling inside.

Airing time: Mondays at 3pm

How many times in our lives, nothing can be more perfect than a "Hot Chocolate", even better if we can experience that on a soul level. Is a journey about wellbeing and the warm feeling inside, the show is half in English and half in Spanish. You can reach us on Instagram, hcforthesoul.


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Benefit of the food

We talked with Anna Davies, a certificate in health science, nutrition, and wellness support about how important food is in our lives, and how to make the right choices.

Duration: 00:30:01 | Date: 14 June, 2021

Mindfulness For Everyone

We invited Meegan Care, a woman's mindset coach and mentor, teacher of mindfulness and meditation. It is an endless list of benefits for your mind and body. We invited everyone to join the next course at 'Tahi'. We also talked to Marcela Alvarez, a Chilean engineer with a diploma in mindfulness.

Duration: 00:27:44 | Date: 31 May, 2021

With Guests Borbora and Carola

We tried to understand the best way to face changes in our lives, and also explore the benefits of writing down anything that comes to our minds as a way of therapy.

Duration: 00:30:03 | Date: 17 May, 2021