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Frankly Friday

Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 

Airing time: Fridays at 9am

Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 


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Feats Conservation Conversation

Tobias Jones, Tupaea Hekenui and Josiah Waite are part of a Conservation Programme being run by Feats Pae Tawhiti, in partnership with STDC, MTFJ and Taranaki Chamber of Commerce. Hear them talk directly about their experiences on the programme and what it means for their futures.

Duration: 00:53:26 | Date: 18 June, 2021

Glen Bennett

New(ish) Taranaki MP, Glen Bennett reflects back on his first 7 months in Parliament and shares his hopes for the future. "Be the ancestor your descendants will thank."

Duration: 1:10:02 | Date: 11 June, 2021

Shall we Dance

Amanda Bound loves to dance. She is part of an upcoming show by Taranaki's Performing Arts Collective, 'Divas and Legends'. Listen to hear more about the show and about Tribal Belly Dancing.

Duration: 00:55:52 | Date: 4 June, 2021

Byron Vaetoe, Coach McKean Tribute

Byron Vaetoe played basketball under the guidance of coach McKean and together were part of the Mountanaires. Byron is in New Plymouth this weekend for a series of coaching clinics and a tribute game in honour of The Coach. Byron talks about basketball and the inspiration The Coach brought to the game.

Duration: 00:58:18 | Date: 28 May, 2021

TOI Foundation & Hope Walk

Maria Ramsay, CEO of recently rebranded TOI Foundation (previously TSB Community Trust) talks with Anne about the rebrand and what it means. Katie Tahere promotes the Hope Walk event happening tomorrow to raise funds to support our rangatahi and teen suicide.

Duration: 00:55:29 | Date: 21 May, 2021

Dance Around the World

Both of todays guests have something in common- a love of travel. Mary Sylvester talks with Anne about the Scottish Ceilidh, and NZ's 'most travelled man in his 60's' Len Wilson, shares some of his travel stories. More stories from his book can be heard on his new radio show 'Travels with Mr Len'. Featuring music from some of the countries we talk about.

Duration: 00:59:13 | Date: 14 May, 2021

Talking with Lynda Carter

Lynda is the current exhibitor in ART's gallery. She shares her journey of inspiration and art. Featuring classic kiwi tracks for NZ Music Month.

Duration: 00:56:53 | Date: 7 May, 2021