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Caravana Latino Americana

Maya, from Chile, takes us on a journey through Spanish-speaking Latin America.

Airing time: Mondays, 10:30am, 1 hr, live

Maya is originally from Chile.  Her show takes us on a journey through South America.  Our caravan will travel through multiple Spanish speaking countries, and maybe even include other languages, such as Portugese and Italian, with music to match.  

Maya invites guests from those countries to come and tell us about themselves and their own journey.

Language: Spanish


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Folk Lore Cubano

Duration: 00:57:16 | Date: 12 November, 2018

Cuba - Buena Vista Social Club

Duration: 00:59:34 | Date: 5 November, 2018

Guatemala - Nicky

Duration: 00:57:56 | Date: 29 October, 2018

Anne from Guatemala

Duration: 00:59:31 | Date: 15 October, 2018


Duration: 00:53:59 | Date: 1 October, 2018

Chilean Music

Duration: 01:01:07 | Date: 24 September, 2018

Bhavani From Mexico

Duration: 00:59:15 | Date: 17 September, 2018


Duration: 00:00:00 | Date: 10 September, 2018

First show

Duration: 01:00:47 | Date: 3 September, 2018