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Around the Fire

We all have a story to share. Will you join us?

Airing time: Mondays at 5pm

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time - the ancient art of sharing our experiences and wisdom with others.  Stories can inspire, motivate, educate and comfort.  Hearing of other people’s challenges can help us realise that we are not alone in the world.

Host Liz Fry feels that, in this digital world, now more than ever, the sharing of stories is vital.  Liz is a Life Coach and incredibly passionate about people's mental health and wellbeing.  She understands the power of walking our own journey and then sharing it with others who may be on the same journey or know of someone who is.

We look forward to sharing some of these stories Around the Fire, just as our ancestors did.

Will you join us?



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Liz's Story of Sobriety

Heading in to Dry July, Liz shares her journey of drinking a lot to not drinking at all....

Duration: 00:28:23 | Date: 29 June, 2020

Kane's Story Pt 2 Vulnerability

Liz and Kane found there was a lot more to talk about vulnerability, sharks, asking for help, holding space and that we are never the only one going through 'stuff'

Duration: 00:38:53 | Date: 22 June, 2020

Kane's Story

Liz and Kane talk about boxing, self harm, finding a way of releasing, farming, looking after ourselves and being proactive about our mental health.

Duration: 00:34:45 | Date: 15 June, 2020

Ripple Effect

Liz starts this episode sharing a book from her Virtual Book Club, and talks about the ripple effect we can have on others. If you're totally honest, are your ripples currently negative or positive?

Duration: 00:28:43 | Date: 8 June, 2020

Liz and Jo Talk Loneliness

Liz and Jo talk about loneliness, connection, friendship, isolation, meaning, and more!

Duration: 00:28:12 | Date: 1 June, 2020

Liz Talks Courage

Liz shares some of her journey of courage, healing and hope.

Duration: 00:34:05 | Date: 25 May, 2020

Ross's Story

Ross shares some thoughts on resilience and supporting young people

Duration: 00:33:17 | Date: 18 May, 2020

The Unknown

Liz shares some thoughts and ideas that have helped her on her journey and may help you or someone close to you in upcoming weeks and months.

Duration: 00:34:43 | Date: 11 May, 2020

Jake's Story Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2 We delve a bit deeper and Jake talks about how music helped his healing journey and more about the masks men wear.

Duration: 00:40:10 | Date: 4 May, 2020

Jake's Story Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2, Jake Kiano Skinner shares his story of using different means to distract what was going on in his life, and his pursuit of happiness

Duration: 00:28:55 | Date: 27 April, 2020

Juliet's Story

Juliet McLean, local songwriter and performer here in New Plymouth, shares her passion for music and creativity and how it has been such a pivotal part of her journey of healing.

Duration: 00:29:58 | Date: 20 April, 2020

Jenny and Justine

The third part in this mini series Jenny and Justine come together and share more tips and ideas from their healing journey.

Duration: 00:30:58 | Date: 13 April, 2020

Justine's Story

Justine Laidlaw shares her story of junk food and substance dependency, anxiety, depression and healing from stage 3 colon cancer.

Duration: 00:32:56 | Date: 6 April, 2020

Jenny's Story

Jenny Kennedy shares her story of perfection, burnout, her recovery from 'incurable cancer', and the underlying impact of childhood abuse.

Duration: 00:32:03 | Date: 30 March, 2020