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Hear the voices of our valued older generation, our kaumatua, as they share with us their life stories.  These are the stories of ordinary Taranaki people, many of whom have lived through and accomplished extraordinary things.  Their life stories colour our shared history, and in this series we ensure they are captured forever, in the voices of those who lived them.


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Bob Jagger Pt2

Duration: 00:52:39 | Date: ,

Bob Jagger Pt1

Duration: 00:36:34 | Date: ,

Shirley Smith

Duration: 00:57:10 | Date: ,

Bill Snowden Pt3

Duration: 01:03:28 | Date: ,

Bill Snowdon Pt2

Duration: 01:00:54 | Date: ,

Bill Snowdon Pt1

Duration: 01:01:15 | Date: 16 June, 2016