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Inner Thoughts: Past Episodes

Morgan Pollard is a deep thinking young man who shares some of his inner thoughts in this half hour show.

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Host Morgan Pollard is a student at Francis Douglas.  He thinks a lot about things, as well as writing and playing original music.  

In his show he shares with the audience some of the places his thoughts take him.

In "The Truth Hurts" episodes, he explores various episodes in history and debunks the myths that have been told so often they are considered the facts.

In "The Advice Column" episodes he looks at some of the issues facing young people and offers his own brand of advice. 

Who knows where his inner thoughts will take us next.  


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The Truth Hurts: Vaccines

Duration: 00:18:11 | Date: 6 April, 2019

The Truth Hurts: Common Sense

Duration: 00:16:15 | Date: 23 March, 2019

The Truth Hurts: Abrahamic Religion

Duration: 00:18:28 | Date: 9 March, 2019

The Truth Hurts: Scripture

Duration: 00:08:39 | Date: 23 February, 2019

The Truth Hurts: Religion

Duration: 00:16:02 | Date: 26 January, 2019

Tune Break

Duration: 00:31:50 | Date: 8 December, 2018

Advice Column: Redditt

Duration: 00:32:43 | Date: 24 November, 2018

Advice Column: Cars

Duration: 00:18:27 | Date: 10 November, 2018

Advice Column: School

Duration: 00:10:15 | Date: 27 October, 2018

Advice Column: Relationships

Duration: 00:16:30 | Date: 13 October, 2018

The Truth Hurts: Pirates

Duration: 00:00:00 | Date: 29 September, 2018

The Truth Hurts: British History

Duration: 00:18:26 | Date: 15 September, 2018

The Truth Hurts: American History

Duration: 00:21:46 | Date: 1 September, 2018