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Express Aotearoa: Past Episodes 2022

Here to have safe and open conversations about the LGBTQIA+ Community.

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We're your hosts Chai & Evie. Here to have safe and open conversations about the LGBTQIA+ Community. Sharing personal experiences, answering questions, creating awareness and understanding. Offering support and to help educate as we all navigate our own journeys, and as a community. 



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Don't Ask Me That

Talking about questions and assumptions that queer people get asked often, that come across as ignorant or impolite.

Duration: 00:29:12 | Date: 30 June, 2022

Painting the Closet

Fanta, Chai & Evie revisit the first episode of Express Aotearoa to share more experiences of coming out. Warning: some of the topics discussed may be triggering.

Duration: 00:26:24 | Date: 16 June, 2022


We chat about common stereotypes, have a laugh about the lighter ones but also touch on the more serious ones too.

Duration: 00:29:21 | Date: 2 June, 2022

I Kissed a Girl

We sit down and chat with Kate, as she shares her personal journey with sexuality and her life experiences.

Duration: 00:27:41 | Date: 19 May, 2022

Life's A Drag

We chat about our personal experiences of drag, the impact it has on queer lives and queer icons that inspire us!

Duration: 00:28:47 | Date: 5 May, 2022

Say Gay

We have a conversation regarding the 'Don't Say Gay' bill that was passed in Florida, which is preventing the teaching of queer topics in schools, and the dangerous effects this has on the queer community.

Duration: 00:29:15 | Date: 21 April, 2022

Turning Pain into Power

WARNING: This episode does have some offensive and triggering words in it.
Fanta, Chai & Evie talk about different slurs and stereotypes that hurt the queer community and how we have changed the words to empower us instead.

Duration: 00:30:18 | Date: 7 April, 2022


Fanta, Chai and Evie answer a bunch of questions about their experiences.

Duration: 00:28:14 | Date: 24 March, 2022

Coming Out

Fanta, Chai, and Evie share their personal coming-out stories and some of their experiences.

Duration: 00:27:09 | Date: 10 March, 2022