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Community Circle

Bringing the rich korero of active citizens to the airwaves.

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Community Taranaki encourages engagement in the community, active citizenship, and creating the world they want to live in. 

They host COMMUNITY CIRCLES, which are a time to meet up with other active citizens and have deeper conversations about the opportunities and challenges we see in our communities.

These seasonal gatherings take place at the NPDC Council Chambers every three months and are open to all.

Click here for more information (PDF) about Our Community Circles

Our Community Circles are run in partnership with
The New Plymouth District Council 


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Peace Walk

Vivian Hutchison
Glen Bennet - I'm joining the peace walk because....
Anand Rose - Keep close to the Maori people
ColeenTuuta - Peace Walk Kotahitanga

Duration: 00:53:12 | Date: 8 June, 2017

Show 11

Kiri Ell_New Horizons Aotearoa

Duration: 00:28:00 | Date: ,

Show 10

Elaine Rollins

Duration: 00:27:33 | Date: ,

Show 9

Danielle Diamond - Free Range Learners

Duration: 00:27:43 | Date: ,

Show 8

Joanne, Kurvarji, Elaine, Shen Rollins

Duration: 00:33:41 | Date: ,

Show 7

Janeen Page and Andy Bassett

Duration: 00:24:49 | Date: ,

Show 6

Perceptions of free -range learners; new thinking for sustainability and climate change

Duration: 00:34:14 | Date: ,

Show 5

Shirley Vickery and Lance Girling-Butcher

Duration: 00:28:59 | Date: ,

Show 4

Murray Chong - Suicide prevention
Ruth Pfister - Healthy political engagement

Duration: 00:33:30 | Date: ,

Show 3

Ngamata Skipper and Leighton Littlewood

Duration: 00:37:59 | Date: ,

Show 2

Teresa Goodin - Us and them
Stuart Bramhall - Climate change and culture

Duration: 00:30:59 | Date: ,

Show 1

Marnie Reindfelds - It takes a village to raise a child.
Jen Natoli - Income inequality

Duration: 00:34:57 | Date: ,