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Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time - the ancient art of sharing our experiences and wisdom with others.  Stories can inspire, motivate, educate and comfort.  Hearing of other people’s challenges can help us realise that we are not alone in the world.

Host Liz Fry feels that, in this digital world, now more than ever, the sharing of stories is vital.  Liz is a Life Coach and incredibly passionate about people's mental health and wellbeing.  She understands the power of walking our own journey and then sharing it with others who may be on the same journey or know of someone who is.

We look forward to sharing some of these stories Around the Fire, just as our ancestors did.

Will you join us?




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Geoff's Story

Geoff 'Polly' Polglase shares his story of coming out the Air Force, and the effect on his mental health, his parents splitting up, and losing his Dad to suicide at a young age.

Duration: 00:29:27 | Date: 24 February, 2020

Nikki's Story

Nikki Williams talks about trauma, shame, PTSD and giving ourselves permission to heal

Duration: 00:28:33 | Date: 17 February, 2020

Amy's Story

Amy McAuley shares how she got over depression, eating disorders and alcohol abuse through finding exercise, a passion that keeps her healthy to this day.

Duration: 00:30:12 | Date: 10 February, 2020

Lilith's Story

Lilith White shares how dance and art helped her through her traumas and how healing these can be for some.

Duration: 00:29:35 | Date: 3 February, 2020

Kim's Story

Kim Knight shares how sometimes we don't know what we don't know, and it was only later in life did Kim understand that what happened in her childhood was not normal or healthy.

Duration: 00:35:17 | Date: 27 January, 2020

Liz's Story

Liz, the host of the show, kicks off sharing her story of codependency, depression and alcohol abuse, which resulted in a life changing 'trip' to New Zealand...

Duration: 00:31:35 | Date: 20 January, 2020

Sweet Talk With Guest Liz Fry

Around the Fire is a new broadcast, launching this week. Meet Liz Fry, Life Coach and presenter, as she shares her why.

Duration: 00:57:38 | Date: 21 January, 2020