Car Crazy


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Do you know the difference between the engine noise of a Ferrari and a Subaru?

Do you know what it is like to have over 320 Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars in your collection?

Do you have the ability to push through physical impairments to make the life you choose?

Brendan Cresswell does.  He profiles, makes and models, cracks jokes and plays songs in this show all about cars.

His passion shines in this series as he grows in confidence as a show maker at Access Radio Taranaki.

"I never thought that I would be able to work at a radio station," says Brendan. "I was scared to do it when I first started but now I absolutely LOVE it and don't want to quit anytime soon".

If you love cars and defying the odds, get your motor running and join Brendan on Car Crazy:

Saturdays at 2pm

Podcasts of the following episodes are available to play on-demand through Access Internet Radio:


To download an episode: Click the kiwifruit to go to the Car Crazy page on the AIR website:


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2006 Hummer H2

2018 Mazda MX5 Sport

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Electric Vehicles Pt 3

Electric Vehicles Pt  2

Electric Vehicles Pt 1

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How cars have changed in the last 10 years_31/03/2018

Transmissions Part_3 24/03/2018

 How a Manual Transmission Works_17/03/2018

 How an automatic transmission works_10/03/2017


 McLaren Part 2_24/02/2018

 Holden Museum_18/02/2018

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 Henry Ford_20/01/2018